San Francisco: gay-friendly destination for LGBTQ travel

San Francisco, California is of course known as being a very gay-friendly destination and since that’s what my new gay travel show is all about it only made sense to start it there! For future destinations, I’ll be focusing on less obvious places where my boyfriend and I can feel comfortable exploring, but for now, this seems like a great way to begin this new series about great places to plan a vacation to when in a relationship or on your own.

You can see the first episode (above) focused on the hotels and restaurants we experienced during our visit. It includes the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Parc 55 San Francisco, Cioppino’s, Artesano, Twenty Five Lusk, and Lori’s Diner.

The second episode (below) focused on the attractions we saw and the activities we did while there. It includes the San Francisco Botanical Garden,
Bay City Bike Rentals & Tours, The Contemporary Jewish Museum, and the Castro.

Our itinerary was put together with help from San Francisco Travel and here are some of the photos I shared on Instagram from the area:

I also did a video from our first hotel with extrovert Ravi Roth about how to be less of an introvert, and a video from our second hotel with my boyfriend where we played Most Likely To so be sure to check those out too and subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there for more fun videos from our travels designed for the LGBTQ traveler to find awesome and safe places to visit!

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