5 LGBT YouTubers in Vancouver to watch!

5 LGBT YouTubers in Vancouver to watch
Vancouver is known for being a very gay friendly city. It’s essentially the San Francisco of Canada. 😉 So of course there are a number of LGBTQ people who choose to live here. But only a few choose to share parts of their lives on YouTube! Here is my list of the 5 LGBT YouTubers that I know of who call this awesome part of British Columbia home.


Miss Fenderr: A vegan who vlogs, does popular challenges, and discusses her life living as a bisexual woman. Miss Fenderr has done some of YouTube’s favorite kinds of videos like reactions, survival guides, and even a few sims gameplays. She is quirky, fun and in love with her cats. Her channel isn’t one to miss out on, especially since the bisexual crowd often lack representation.


Princess Joules: Her royal majesty, Princess Joules, is a transgender woman whose channel is as enjoyable and beautiful as she is. Joule does fabulous makeup tutorials, talks about her transgender journey, and takes with her on some of her adventures. She is a role model not only for trans women but for essentially all girls, teaching them to love themselves and feel empowered to be who they want to be.


Breanne Williamson: Breanne shares a lot of her experiences, her personal stories, and her girlfriend on her channel! From challenges to travel videos, she documents it all and more, on a channel that is quickly growing in subscribers and views. Check it out to challenge, travel or talk with Bre with each new video.

Mandy and Shelbs: Mandy and Shelbs have a bunch of fun videos on the channel that they share. You’ll find everything from “drunk lipstick challenge” to “egg roulette” in their current lineup. They don’t upload as regularly as the others on this list, but despite that and a lower subscriber count they’re still getting close to having a million views on their channel!


Josh Rimer: As if I’m going to leave myself out of the list! Besides, I’m the only gay guy that I know of in this city who’s actively uploading videos right now on YouTube. Anyone else out there that I should know about? If so, let me know in the comments below! Otherwise as you may already know, I put up 3 videos a week on my YouTube channel and I started 10 years ago! 😮

And those are the 5 LGBTQ+ YouTubers / vloggers that I know of in Vancouver, BC! The crazy thing is I’ve never done a collab with any of them… although I did randomly run into Julie in Las Vegas of all places (as seen in the photo at the top) and so she briefly got into my vlog of the trip if that counts for anything. 😀

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