10 Canadian LGBT YouTubers You Should Watch

If you’re in Canada and you’re part of the LGBTQ community there are some awesome gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people on YouTube that you should be checking out. Here is a list of 10 Canadian LGBT YouTubers from across country (who still live in it and are regularly/recently active on YouTube) that I think are definitely worth watching! Click on their names to visit their YouTube channels and I’ve included a video that I think gives a good example of the kind of content you’ll find there. They’re not in any particular order, but for simplicity I’ve separated them into three categories: transgender, lesbian, and gay.

Transgender YouTubers

Chase Ross(Montreal)

Chase is a 22-year-old trans male and the ultimate open book for any trans questions and answers. He tackles big issues and puts out educational content on transitioning in a modern and fun way. He also does some fun reviews on LGBT products you may have been interested in trying.

Stef Sanjati (Toronto)


Stef is a trans woman and makeup artist from Ontario. You’ll find a variety of different styles of YouTube videos on her lifestyle channel ranging from mukbang to drunk cooking, plus an array of videos on transitioning and associated surgeries.

Lesbian YouTubers

Kristen Makenzie (Toronto)

You may actually recognize this lesbian couple from season 4 of The Amazing Race Canada. Now you can see what their life is like after the show and watch as their adventures continue. Their content includes waterfalls, sky diving and vlogs of adorable dates.

Loving Life Fam Fun (Coquitlam)

You can follow the lives of two moms and their kids in this vlog style channel that documents the life of lesbian parents. It’s a mommy vlog channel that’s double the fun and brings LGBT families and love to the forefront.

Gay YouTubers

Michael Rizzi (Toronto)

When it comes to LGBT rights Michael pays attention. His channel is bursting with gay pride. He’s done videos on everything from homosexuality in television to the history of pride parades. Not to mention that you’ll find fun DIYs and stories sprinkled throughout his content.

Ryan Canuck (British Columbia)


This Canadian ex-lifeguard has no secrets. He breaks the barriers and does it while drinking pretty much every and any kind of cocktail. Whether you want to hear about gay sex ed or interesting Craiglist ads, he’s definitely a fun LGBT YouTuber to watch.

Huey David (Toronto)

Being gay often comes with a set of judging eyes and this couple knows it, but they’re ready to show the world that gay interracial couples are awesome. Get a glimpse into their daily life and support human rights and love right alongside them.

TerraNovaBoys (Edmonton)


Another interracial couple, but from the Western side of the country. These guys put out videos every Friday so you always have some gay content to end your work week with! They debates with each other that are both enlightening and hilarious. They also bring mukbang to a whole new level… like chowing down in a hot tub.

Justin Gerhard (Toronto)

The Gay Men Channel is a place for acceptance and essentially documenting the very essence of being gay in Canada. If you’re looking for book suggestions, movie suggestions, and other kinds of intriguing content, this place has it. Justin’s also recently been joined by a co-created named Kyle so they’ll surely have all kinds of fun content coming out. (Insert coming out joke here) 😉

Josh Rimer (Vancouver)

I mean, you didn’t think I was going to leave myself on the list did you? 😆 2017 is my 10th year on YouTube, which is pretty crazy to think about! Currently my content includes The Sassy Scoop (a show with viral video reviews and top 10 lists) and Sassy Sundays (vlogs of my travels, events, and more personal moments – often with my boyfriend Heath).

So there you go! 10 LGBT YouTubers in Canada who are totally worth checking out. If I’ve missed anyone that you think should be included as well, let me know in the comments below!

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