Kamloops: gay-friendly destination for LGBTQ travel

On this trip we went to a sunny BC destination where the North and South Thompson rivers meet and tried out some (relatively) new wineries! Kamloops, British Columbia wasn’t really known for its wine before, but that’s been changing recently. Their Wine Trail is pioneering a new wine region which combines mainly three local wineries (Monte Creek Ranch Winery, Harper’s Trail Winery, and Privato Vineyard) so we went there to check them out and also had some fun on an old steam train that took us back in time! It made for a great weekend getaway for a gay couple like us from Vancouver.

In the video above you can see what we did during this trip which includes staying at The Plaza Hotel, having lunch at Monte Creek Ranch Winery, wine tasting along the Kamloops Wine Trail, having dinner at the Noble Pig, and going for a ride on the Spirit of Kamloops Train Excursion.

Thanks a lot to Tourism Kamloops for helping us to coordinate our itinerary and here are some of the photos I shared on Instagram from our visit:

I also did a Hotel Hangout from my hotel room where I asked if I should be making videos with a girl instead of my boyfriend? Check it out to see why I ask that and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like to see more fun videos from destinations that are good for LGBT travelers! I always try to visit new spots that are particularly gay-friendly and I love bringing you along with me in my videos and photos!

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