Dawson City: gay-friendly destination for LGBTQ travel

With a true old-timey vibe Dawson City is a pretty special place and one that we actually found to be friendly as well for gay travelers like us to visit. We didn’t know what to expect with going to such a small town that’s practically at the top of Canada, but it really was a neat and interesting spot to check out. It’s a remote gold rush era town which was the center of the Klondike Gold Rush and was a pretty bustling city back in the day with so many people hoping to strike it rich. During our trip to this town that’s stuck back in time (in a cool way), we found a number of great restaurants and awesome things to see in the vast outdoors. We really enjoyed our visit to this colorful, but quiet Canadian destination that welcomes LGBTQ visitors!

What we did during our visit can be seen in the video above, which includes staying at Bombay Peggy’s, flightseeing over Tombstone Territorial Park with Great River Air, having lunch at The Alchemy Café, visiting the top of the Midnight Dome with the Klondike Experience, and having dinner at Klondike Kate’s.

Thanks to Travel Yukon for helping to coordinate our trip and here are some of the photos I shared on Instagram:

We also did a Hotel Hangout video where I talked about why I won’t say I love you! So check that out too and leave a comment to let me know what you think! And if you’d like to see more fun videos from our travels then feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel – we always try to go to new destinations which are particularly good for LGBT couples (and solo travelers) like us and we love bringing you along with us in our videos and photos!

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