Whitehorse: gay-friendly destination for LGBTQ travel

On this trip, we went up to the northwest corner of Canada in the Yukon to visit Whitehorse!  It’s the only actual city in that territory with a number of great restaurants and awesome things to do in the vast outdoors. Especially in the summer when there is a ton of daylight – basically from when we woke up until we fell asleep!  We were especially impressed to see rainbow crosswalks in the downtown – you might not think it’s a very gay-friendly place up there, but we certainly felt comfortable and really enjoyed our stay as a gay couple!

You can see in the video above what we did on our day there which included staying at the Inn on the Lake, checking out the area with Who What Why Tours, having lunch at Antoinette’s restaurant, going to the Fireweed Community Farmers’ Market and having drinks at Yukon Brewing.

Thanks to Travel Yukon for helping us to coordinate our itinerary and here are some of the photos that I shared on Instagram:

I also did a video from outside of the Inn where I invited everyone to join the Illuminati! So check that out and if you’d like to see more videos from our travels then please subscribe to my YouTube channel! We always try to go to places which are especially good for LGBTQ couples and solo travelers like ourselves and I love bringing you along with us in my videos and photos!

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