Jasper: gay-friendly destination for LGBTQ travel

Jasper is an alpine town in the province of Alberta and the commercial center of Jasper National Park which is located in the Canadian Rockies. It’s a mountain town that’s low-key and unpretentious with good food and drink options. As a destination, it’s an outdoor lover’s playground, with everything from hiking and golfing in summer and skiing and dog sledding in winter. Jasper National Park, also known as “gentle giant of the Rockies”, is the largest of the Canadian mountain parks. It’s also a very gay-friendly place, which can be pretty surprising given how small it is (the population is somewhere around only 5000 people).

You can see the first video of our trip (above) focused which included Via RailMaligne AdventuresCoco’s CaféEvil Dave’s Grill, and Jasper Planetarium.

The second episode (below) includes Whistler’s InnSunDog Tours Wildlife Discovery TourJasper Skytram (and snowshoeing), and The Jasper Brewing Co.

Our itinerary was put together with help from Tourism Jasper and here are some of the photos I shared on Instagram from the area:

We also did a video there where my boyfriend and I do a tour of our train and another video from our second hotel with my boyfriend and his cousin where we talked about being LGBTQ+ now vs 20 years ago. So be sure to check those out too! Subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there for more fun videos from our travels designed for the LGBTQ traveler to find awesome and safe places to visit!

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