A romantic getaway with my boyfriend in British Columbia!

harrison-hikingLet’s face it, we all need a getaway every once in a while. When we work hard we deserve a little time to relax, right? Well, you know what’s even better than a simple getaway? A ROMANTIC getaway. Because romance makes everything better. 😉

Well, in today’s video, we take a look at a great spot for a gay couple, or any relationship for that matter: the wild world of the outdoors in British Columbia! Or, to be a bit more precise, Harrison Hot Springs and Harrison Mills. As you can see, we got to shoot some pictures along the way and of course the video above shows all the highlights (shot completely on my iPhone)!

Besides the actual hot springs themselves there were plenty of other cool things to see as well, like the Kilby Historic Site. It took us back in time and provided us with a tasty lunch along the way! We felt like we were transported back to the olden days where things were simpler, before there was Internet (gasp)!

shoreline-toursWe also went on a boat cruise, went hiking, ate some great food, and stayed in a beautiful hotel! Places we Thank you to Tourism Harrison Mills and Tourism Harrison Hot Springs for setting us up with a great itinerary.

kilby-lunchWould you like to see more travel videos like this? Check out the Sassy Sundays playlist! While the Sassy Scoop series will generally feature viral video reviews as well as top 10s of the worst, best, and weirdest from around the internet, Sassy Sundays will feature everything from travel to events and a lot of fun stuff in between.

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