Picasso & Michelangelo in Vancouver

There still aren’t a lot of indoor activities we can do these days, but luckily there are a couple at the Vancouver Convention Centre that are going on now and open to the public! With social distancing, masks, and timed/limited entry you can still safely get out of the house and enjoy some art, like we’ve really never been able to before.

With more than 200 of Picasso’s paintings shown together for the first time Imagine Picasso offers an unprecedented look at one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. The paintings, projected onto nine full-blown Origami-style structures, offer a unique and novel perspective on the work of Picasso. This artistic approach immerses the viewer in the heart of the paintings, allowing visitors to explore the painting’s details and fully experience the power of Picasso’s work.

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition invites visitors to experience the 34 frescoes adorning the Vatican ceiling in breathtaking, life-sized close-up. Reproduced with state of the art technology from exclusively licensed high definition photos, the exhibition grants an intimate encounter with the reproductions, offering at close range a new way of seeing every detail, colour, and brushstroke of Michelangelo’s iconic and timeless masterwork.

It’s been great to be able to check out these unique and interesting art exhibitions! Seeing the famous paintings in extra large format really gives you a cool perspective to see it all in a whole new way. No need to travel to Europe to see these pieces when we can see them right here in Vancouver, up close and in extra large detail!

Disclaimer: I was invited as a local influencer to an advance preview of each exhibition

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