My experience competing for Mr. Gay World 2019!

I competed for the title of Mr. Gay World 2019!!! It was a crazy busy week with 21 other delegates from around the world. We stayed at the President Hotel in Cape Town so a lot of this video was shot there and as usual a 3-minute version of it is also airing on OUTtv in Canada (our national LGBT station).

We had really intense days covering so many different things – everything from written exams to media interviews and even things like a cooking challenge and mini-triathalon! It was an experience I’ll never forget and I got to meet some incredible guys doing a lot of important work for the LGBTQ community where they live. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to represent my country and look forward to continuing as Mr. Gay Canada 2019 for the rest of the year!

Here are some photos from my part as a competitor of Mr. Gay Canada 2019 that I shared on my Instagram account:

A big thank you to Elizabeth Eburne for creating my amazing national costume of a flashy gay mountie! And thanks to Dean Nelson as well for helping me prepare for the event, videotaping some of the grande finale, and for booking my flights (he’s the co-founder of the Mr. Gay World organization, the Canadian Producer, and a travel agent).

After the competition I stayed in Cape Town for a few extra days and was pretty blown away by just how beautiful the area in and around that city is. Check out this video to see what I experienced with Cape Sidecar AdventuresCape Medley Tour & TravelCity Sightseeing Capetown, and City Walking Tours.

What a trip! Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like to see more videos from my year as Mr. Gay Canada. I put up a new one every week or two on there, in addition to adding a new photo to my social media accounts almost every day, and interstitial content that airs daily on OUTtv!

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