I’m Mr Gay Canada 2019!

I’m the new Mr Gay Canada for 2019! Can you believe it?!? I think I’m still in a bit of shock! And that means that I’ll be going to the Mr Gay World competition in South Africa this year in late April to compete for that title as well! It all seems pretty crazy, but I’m super excited and honoured… and a bit terrified of how the Internet is going to react. If they had something to say about me before I can only imagine what they’ll have to say about me now! ­čść

Going into this new year as Mr Gay Canada, I want to focus on things that are very important to me like working with LGBT related foundations and charities. In the past I’ve worked many organisations including┬á The Dr. Peter Aids Foundation, A Loving Spoonful, Foundation of Hope and Aids Vancouver. Along with continuing to work with these organisations doing everything from organising meals, making sure those effected by HIV don’t live in hunger to walking a mile in heels in support of LGBT refugees.┬á I want to shed a light specifically on those LGBT refugees and do everything I can to get them out of whatever negative situation they’re in and giving them an opportunity to start a new in Canada. This came about when I shared a photo on Instagram of me fundraising to bring LGBT refugees over to Canada, a few months later a gay couple approached me, thanking me for the work I put in to help get them into Canada. They also told me how they had seen the photo initially while staying in a refugee camp in the middle east. It still blows my mind that the work I did in my local community had such a life changing impact on two (at the time) strangers who were going through hard times. With the title of Mr Gay Canada backing me up I am going to put in as much effort possible to change as many lives as I can.

For the past few years a new Mr Gay Canada has been chosen annually from members of the community who they feel will be a good representative at the Mr Gay World competition. It’s based on a number of factors that include things like social responsibility, intelligence and appearance, among many others.

This is the first video in my new series “Being Mr Gay Canada”. Throughout this series I’ll be bringing you along with me on my journey this year! I’ll show you what goes on behind the scenes, put a spotlight on some amazing organisations, and check out some interesting places and inspiring LGBT people!

A new episode will be uploaded every week or two, but I’ll have plenty of other videos in between those so be sure to head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe with post notifications (just click on the bell icon after clicking on the Subscribe button) to be alerted as soon as my new videos go live!

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