An indoor art exhibition in Vancouver that’s on now

Looking for something to do indoors in Vancouver in 2021? Finding inside events during these times can be quite difficult to say the least, but our city is lucky enough to be hosting an exhibition of 200 Van Gogh paintings that you can actually go see right now!

Imagine Van Gogh is taking place at the Convention Centre until August 29, 2021 and is a contactless experience with limited capacity, timed entries, and operating in full accordance with British Columbia’s public health guidelines.

Filling 25,000 square feet with 8 meter high walls (a meter higher than most of the previous cities got when they hosted the exhibit) this immersive exhibition displays giant projections of more than 200 of the famous Dutch artist’s paintings.

The whole thing takes place in two large rooms – the first filled with hanging placards that went into detail on the life and works of Van Gogh, and the second filled with the changing/moving giant projection of his art which fully covered the floor and walls.

My best friend Mary went as well and she loved it so much she went back again a couple days later with her husband and son so they could experience it too. It’s a fantastic experience on its own, but the fact that there’s hardly been anything to do indoors in Vancouver lately sure doesn’t hurt in making this experience feel extra special.

We also felt very safe while we were there – the two rooms are so large and spacious that we were easily able to keep a ton of distance between ourselves and anyone else who was there, and there was of course nothing to touch. It certainly felt safer than going to a grocery store or even a restaurant with the amount of space and lack of interaction with anyone else.

So if you’re looking for something to do this spring or summer try to snag yourself a ticket to what might literally be the most popular event in town right now. Tickets keep selling out, but then more get added, so if there aren’t any available when you try to book don’t give up – there could still be a chance for you to take in this cool exhibition at some point in the coming months!

Disclaimer: I was invited to an advance preview of the exhibition and received some swag from the gift shop.
I gave away one of the items in my Instagram stories so be sure to follow me there for more!

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