Is Summer Camp better as an LGBTQ Adult?

What’s the deal with LGBTQ Adult Summer Camps? What makes them different/needed and why do people keep going back? I asked some people who’ve gone multiple times to ‘Camp’ Camp to explain how it’s different than a regular week at camp for the general community or for kids/teens, and why they feel the need to experience it more than once!

Thank you to Maxi, Tiffany, Jen, AJ, Phil, Kim, Patrick, Darren, Boomer, & Greg for being in my video! Registration is open for next year’s ‘Camp’ Camp (put JoshRimer as the promo code when you register to save $100) and if you’d like to see the overview of my first year there click here!

I really enjoyed myself again this year and here are some of the photos that I shared on my Instagram account from my week:

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