West Hollywood: gay-friendly destination for LGBTQ travel

West Hollywood, or WeHo as it’s sometimes referred to, is a VERY gay-friendly destination in the US. And I put very in all caps because there are an incredible amount of the LGBT community who actually live there – it’s said that almost 40% of their population are gay men. That’s pretty significant compared to most cities to say the least and as a result there are a lot of great reasons for LGBTQ visitors to come visit as well!

During our first day there, as you can see in the video above, we stayed at The Standard Hollywood, had breakfast at The Griddle Café, walked around the Design District, ate lunch at PUMP, and rode The Pickup along Santa Monica Blvd to go bar hopping before having dinner at the Hamburger Mary’s.

I also did a Hotel Hangout video from the balcony of our hotel room where my fiancé and I debated $1.25 vs $125 sunglasses. I had brought a pair with me that I got at a dollar store in Canada while Heath bought a pair in the Design District and we disagreed on which was the better investment. 😉 Check it out and let us know which side you’re on!

And then it was time for another day of exploring West Hollywood, and this was an extra active one!

As you can see in the video above, we stayed at the Grafton on Sunset for this part of our stay, went hiking and then biking with Bikes And Hikes LA, ate breakfast at Joey’s Café and lunch at Basix Food Bar, shopped along Santa Monica Blvd, and had dinner at Carney’s Restaurant.

And finally, I did another Hotel Hangout video, this time with YouTuber Matthew Lush, also known as the Gay God on YouTube, and got some helpful YouTube tips/advice for my channel. So check that out too and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like to see more videos from the gay-friendly destinations that I go to!

Thanks to Visit West Hollywood for helping us to plan & coordinate our itinerary!

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