A gay couple’s journey on a luxury train

My boyfriend and I went on a “Journey Through the Clouds” from Vancouver, BC to Jasper, AB with Rocky Mountaineer. It was a two day trip in a glass-dome train car, travelling through scenic valleys, along the Fraser River, through Hell’s Gate, and past the Pyramid Falls.

Imagine soaring through the British Columbia and Alberta wilderness, surrounded by oversized windows that offer unobstructed views of some jaw-dropping landscapes in this beautiful part of Canada. That’s what we got to experience during our days between Vancouver and Jasper, which made for a pretty unforgettable experience for a gay couple like us.

First things first, let’s talk about the train itself. There are different routes and durations available, but we opted for the Vancouver to Jasper trip because we live in Vancouver and wanted to go to Jasper for Pride. The moment we stepped onboard, we were warmly greeted by the staff and shortly after the train took off we headed downstairs for a sumptuous breakfast. We were traveling on the GoldLeaf Service level, which is seating up above and dining down below. We had great views out the dining room windows while we enjoyed delectable gourmet meals prepared by talented executive chefs.

Besides those two seating areas there was also an outdoor observation area. It was the perfect spot to take in the views without any glass barriers. That meant it got windy at times, but it wasn’t too chilly, although we found ourselves spending most of our time upstairs in our comfy seats, captivated by the ever-changing landscape.

With it being considered a luxury train the staff and service were of course top notch. Not only were they knowledgeable and informative guides, but they also made us feel right at home and took care of anything we needed. As a gay couple, we’re always a bit apprehensive about how we’ll be received in a setting with all straight couples, but staff and other passengers were all welcoming and accepting, making us feel comfortable and allowing us to just be ourselves throughout the journey.

Wee never grew tired of gazing out those panoramic windows and sometimes we were fortunate enough to spot some wildlife. A few times I ventured to the front of the train for a different perspective and just be in awe of how beautiful my country is. There really isn’t any other way to see the areas we went through than by train so we knew it was a pretty special experience.

During this two-day journey we didn’t sleep on board, but rather disembarked in the evening to stay at a hotel in Kamloops (which is included by Rocky Mountaineer). The following day we continued our adventure, having some snacks and coffee at our seats, before heading down for the meals again (both breakfast and lunch are served on board each day). The train staff often shared interesting insights about the areas we went through which really enriched our journey with cool facts and neat stories.

Not too long before we approached Jasper, our final destination, the train crew had us do a fun activity, asking everyone to draw a moose. The talent on board definitely varied, and everyone’s drawings were put on display for the remainder of our trip. It was a lighthearted moment that added an extra touch of fun to the journey with the other passengers we had got to know.

And then just like that, our bucket list trip came to an end. Our experience on the Rocky Mountaineer train really was a great one for us. As the only gay couple in our train car we felt completely at ease, having many nice conversations with the other passengers around us and the staff. The scenery, the service, the food was all top-notch and we hope to do another route in the near future!

This experience was provided by Rocky Mountaineer. They had no input on my writing, all thoughts are my own.

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