Judging my first Pride Parade of the year!

I was invited to Phoenix, Arizona so I could judge their Pride Parade as Mr. Gay Canada 2019 – my first one of the season! While I was there I also spent some time exploring that city, Scottsdale, and Tempe. While I was in those cities I did everything from spa experiences to eating at delicious restaurants and a number of other cool things.

Places I visited and things I did are shown in the video above which include Fairmont Scottsdale PrincessMoxy Phoenix TempeCIVANADesert Botanical GardensGertrude’sUnderTowPhoenix Pride FestivalSouthern RailThe SceneThe Normal BarWICKED at ASU GammageThe PhoenicianPedal Haus BreweryBoat Rentals of AmericaTempe Center for the Arts, and Culinary Dropout.

Special thanks to the Visit Phoenix and Tempe Tourism for coordinating my trip and are some of the photos that I shared on my Instagram account from this trip:

Thanks as well to TELUS for providing me with Easy Roam coverage throughout my trip! It made it so easy (hence the name) to just continue traveling around and using my cell phone just like I would at home. I didn’t have to worry about buying a sim card over there (which would especially be a pain for people who are trying to text or call my regular number) and I could use just as much data as I normally do when I’m in Canada so it was perfect for sharing photos and Instagram stories from my experience while I was there and keeping in touch with everyone!

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