My unexpected experience in NYC

I didn’t expect to see so many naked men on this trip, but I definitely wasn’t complaining! My bestie Mary and I went to NYC together and left our men behind, but found plenty in New York, and below is the video of that experience! It’s basically a mix of storytime vlog and travel montage recap – sort of a show and tell about my experience in New York.

Mary and I stayed at StayPineapple Midtown, which was the perfect hotel for two besties travelling together. I showed off our connected rooms in the video, which each also had connected terraces with a great view and nothing above covering them! It’s a cute hotel in a fantastic location that was easy to get around from (including walking to Times Square our first evening).

I spent a couple days at the TravMedia International Media Marketplace where I met with destinations and organizations that can help me create more content for my social media, OUTtv, and GayCalgary magazine and we both went to the New York Travel & Adventure Show as well since it was also on while we were in town!

Beyond that we used the CityPass to go to a bunch of attractions, including a ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, walking around the American Museum of Natural History, and going up the Empire State Building. We managed to fit all of those into one day of sightseeing, and while I was at the IMM conference Mary also went to the Guggenheim Museum and 9/11 Tribute Museum.

We also saw Take Me Out on Broadway, a play with LGBTQ themes that stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family and Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy. The theatre was strict about no photography, and they even locked up our phones before the show began! It was a fantastic show with a great story to tell, which was told by great actors (I got into more detail on it in the video).

Overall, our trip to New York City was definitely one to remember, as it always is. NYC is probably my most visited city in the world and I always find it an exciting place to be. It really never gets old and I always come home with a good story to tell!

Disclaimer: The CityPass was provided by NYC & Company, but they had no input on my writing and all thoughts are my own.

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