My 3 worst health-related travel stories

Have I got a story for you! Three of them, actually. As I reflect on all the travels that I’ve been able to do so far I thought that it would be fun to take a look at my three personal biggest health related travel mishaps because things can go wrong when you’re travelling and with me, they often do. I’ll go from tamest to most severe, from basically just sucking it up, to sketchy medication, to hospitalization. That one was a doozy! I explain it all in the YouTube video below:

The first story that I shared about is about was my experience with motion sickness. I described how I can’t read a book or look at my phone while in a moving vehicle, and that I can only sit in the front seat or the middle of the back seat so that I can see out the window. However, during a Mediterranean cruise, the rough waters caused me to feel nauseous and while I eventually fell asleep in my small cabin and calmed down, I certainly experienced some anxiety for the remainder of the trip that it would happen again!

The second story is about allergies. I loves the springtime, but my allergies can sometimes make it a bit unbearable. While in Europe my allergies were especially bad and I was finding that regular antihistamines did not work. I went to a pharmacy in Italy and despite the language barrier, I managed to get a prescription-strength medication that helped alleviate the symptoms.

The final story is the most severe, when I was in Hawaii. I had to go to the hospital and the doctor wasn’t positive about what had happened to me, but it was a pretty scary (and embarrassing) experience. I’m grateful that it managed to kind of go away on its own in the end, but getting to that point was not a fun few hours!

While travelling can be a fun and exciting experience, it’s important to take care of yourself when you’re away from home. Whether it is motion sickness, allergies, or something else, unexpected health-related mishaps can definitely happen. It is important to have a plan in place and to take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. For instance, carrying basic medication, understanding the language of the country you are travelling to, and having travel insurance. By doing so, travellers can minimize the impact of health-related mishaps and enjoy their travels to the fullest.

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