Escape Room in Richmond, BC (vlog of my experience)

lockdown-escapeI was handcuffed in a room and given an hour to escape… and it was actually a lot of fun! My friends and I were at Lockdown Escape in Richmond, BC and we had to find clues (and then figure out what those clues meant) in order to try to get out.

This was actually my third time going to an Escape Room and it’s always a lot of fun. They’re popping up all over the place and each one seems to do them a bit differently… this one has a few different rooms, with the one we did definitely having a bit more of a scary factor to it! I’ve never been able to actually finish one of these in the time allotted though, so I’m going to have to go back and do more rooms until I’m able to finally do that!

If you’re in the Lower Mainland area and want to try out this Escape Room yourself and see if you can be one of the few who do make it all the way through, just tell them I sent you and they’ll give you 10% off on weekends and 20% off on weekdays!



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