The Bill Reid Art Gallery & Flyover Canada

guncleI’m back to doing to doing Sassy Sunday vlogs using my Snapchat story (ie. collection of Snapchat posts from a 24 hour period). It’s a cool way to show what my boyfriend and I get up to on a day off together and this time it included brunch at Village Bistro, a visit to the Bill Reid Art Gallery, a stop at the Healthy Family Expo to see my bestie Mary and her little cutie Dylan, a stop at 6° Eatery for a drink and snack, a virtual trip around the country at Flyover Canada, a drink at the Pumpjack Pub, and dinner at Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna!

See the video of my fun day in Vancouver above and check out my previous Snapchat stories on YouTube for more!

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