ESCALATOR MALFUNCTION Throws People On Top of Each Other!

Escalators are always so nice, aren’t they? Sometimes it just feels so good to stand relaxed for a little but while you take a break from shopping. Or be dramatically whipped the other way and thrown onto a pile of people. Either way. Yes, that was the case in a Honk Kong mall just a few days ago, where there were multiple injuries and two […]

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The Top 10 HAPPIEST COUNTRIES in the World!

Some places are happier than others. We’re all much more upbeat in places like an ice cream store or a bar during happy hour than we are in the DMV or waiting in line somewhere. Well, the same pretty much applies for different countries. Some people just have an amazing living situation, whether due to great social support or simply giving people what they need. […]

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A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together

There are a lot of jokes that get told over and over again. Like that chicken that crossed the road or the pondering over what is white and black and red all over. However, those things rarely happen in real life. Well, I’m sure chickens have crossed the road and zebras have gotten sunburnt. But that’s not the point. In today’s video, we see a […]

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Top 10 Facts about Spring you probably didn’t know!

Springtime is here! Well, kind of. Some people say it’s at the beginning of March, others say it’s March 20… You know what? For the sake of this video, let’s just say it’s springtime already. Which means some nice outdoor fun, right? Well, not exactly. You see, in some parts of the country you’re actually likely going to see some snow around springtime. Is your […]

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