I flew to Saskatchewan for a football game!

In a totally random turn of events I found myself flying to Regina for a weekend to see a CFL game! TELUS invited me to join them on a special #AllConnected trip known as Operation Orange where a select group of us got to join the BC Lions on their weekend trip to battle it out on the field against the Saskatchewan Roughriders!

We flew on […]

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Top 10 LGBT Bumper Stickers!

A bumper sticker is a great way to add a little extra flare to the back of your car. Especially if it’s something especially funny or, of course, sassy. Well, one particularly wonderful type of bumper sticker that we’ve recently discovered at the Sassy Scoop is LGBT line. Some particularly great examples? One that says “I’m So Gay I Can’t Even Drive Straight” comes to […]

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Mailman caught on camera petting people’s dogs

There are few things better than petting a dog. Go ahead, name something better than making an adorable puppy’s day better by petting its soft fur. That’s what we thought. Well, clearly the world’s mailmen have caught on to this as well, as a recent viral video shows one taking some time off from delivering letters to pet a group of friendly dogs. Even though […]

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Men’s Grooming – Top 10 most BIZARRE looks!

Men’s grooming! Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s talk about men’s grooming. August 18th is Men’s Grooming Day. But you already knew that because it’s marked on everyone’s calendars, right? With this holiday in mind, what say we take a look at some of the strangest examples of grooming out there? How strange are we talking? How about a straight line from nose to […]

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