Wedding Officiant VOMITS During Vows!

Everybody has their dream wedding. Maybe it’s a traditional wedding with the classic cake topper. Maybe it’s something a bit different that shows how unique your relationship is. Or maybe it’s one where the officiant just straight up vomits in the middle of your vows. What, was that last one not a usual dream wedding? Well, hopefully it was for one couple whose wedding video […]

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FORBIDDEN PLACES that you can never visit!

With all of our new ways of traveling, you can pretty much go anywhere you want. However, just because you can go anywhere doesn’t mean you can go anywhere. Does that make sense? You see, there are still some places you should definitely never visit. As in, there’s literally an island in Australia with an active volcano that takes two weeks to sail to and […]

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NEXT LEVEL Thumb Trick goes viral!

There are some magic tricks that we’re all pretty aware of by now. Like that one where someone takes a quarter out of your ear. Even though that had us all amazed when we were younger, we catch on to these kinds of tricks pretty quickly. Well, in the form of a viral video with over a million views, one person has brought back the […]

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Top 10 Unusual Facts about the month of May!

It’s gonna be May! OK, sorry, we simply had to. May is finally here, which means wonderful flowers are in bloom and summer is right around the corner. However, there’s a lot more that people don’t typically know about May. For example, did you know that the word May likely comes from the word Maya, who is the god of fertility. Which makes sense because, […]

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