Crazy Camping Gear – the most unusual & bizarre gadgets!

Camping is kind of a weird concept when you really think about it. After all, just going out into the woods and sleeping on the ground voluntarily seems… a bid strange in the modern day. But, hey, people seem to enjoy it. And what makes weird things more enjoyable? Weird gadgets of course! And camping has a lot of them. Including, but not limited to […]

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Moose Rescue – the ultimate Canadian viral video!

Canada is quite a wonderful place. Between all the wonderful sights to see and the fact that everyone is so polite, there’s a reason so many people enjoy the country. Plus, the Sassy Scoop is filmed there. So that instantly makes it even better. Well, all the wonderful things about Canada came together in one viral video. Think you can guess what happened? Well, a moose […]

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From the time we get hooked as kids, most of us continue to crave candy. Every single moment of every day. Or is that just me? 😉 Well, in order to satisfy the old sweet tooth, you’d probably choose from the usual list of candy most of the time, such as chocolate or lollipops. But there are a few other kinds of candy that are […]

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Tricycle causes TRAFFIC JAM on the SEAWALL!

Nobody likes a traffic jam. When you’re just trying to get home from work and relax a bit, the worst sight in the world is a sea of cars in front of you. Well, as it turns out, those jams aren’t just limited to cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In this week’s viral video, we took a look at a traffic jam with a particular twist: […]

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