TOP 10 Realtor Ad FAILS

The housing market can be a bit crazy. If you’ve ever been on a desperate search for an affordable apartment, you know just how hectic it can be. However, while it can be a bit out of control for the renters and buyers, it can often make the realtors just as crazy. And you can see that by looking no further than the advertisements. Like […]

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There are a lot of reasons you can be sent to prison. Everything from theft to violence to having a cracked license is enough reason to put you behind bars. Oh wait, you didn’t know that having a cracked driver’s license was just as bad as any other crime? Well, that’s apparently the case nowadays, as an Alberta driver was pulled over for allegedly swerving…and […]

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The TOP 10 Worst Presidents EVER!

While we’re only a few days into the Presidency of Donald Trump, it’s become pretty clear that he’s not particularly well-liked by a good amount of American citizens. However, is he the worst President of all time? We may have to wait and see on that front, but in the meantime let’s take a look at his competition in the debate of disliked politicians. Such as […]

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Video of a DEAD BODY in a car trunk?!?

It was a bit of a slow week for viral videos. Well, except for a certain politician that people have been talking about. But I’m sure you’ve heard enough about that. Instead, let’s talk about balloons! Everyone loves balloons, right? Well, today’s video shows a useful and colorful way a man finds his car in the mall parking lot: balloons he keeps in his trunk. Oh, there […]

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