Josh Rimer | Canadian Gay YoutuberI’m a YouTube/TV Personality, Content Creator and Live Streamer!

I produce and host a show for both my YouTube channel and OUTtv, the national LGBT network in Canada.  The show is called The Sassy Scoop and it goes up on my channel every Wednesday and Friday, and then airs in repeats the following week on OUTtv in high rotation! My channel has over 30K subscribers and OUTtv has over 1.2 million subscribers.  Most weeks I also upload the third video to my channel called a Sassy Sunday which is typically an experience or adventure that I bring my viewers along with me on!


teamtelusI’m a Team TELUS Advocate so I get my phone, internet, and TV services through them and also get to do things like being on their float in the Vancouver Pride Parade, attend cool events, and join them in giving back to charities that matter to me. They’re a huge supporter of the LGBT community and I couldn’t be more thrilled that they chose me to be one of their 15 #TeamTELUS Advocates in Canada!

pocketliveI’m also one of the top-rated broadcasters on PocketLIVE! I frequently broadcast on to hang out with viewers live online. I chat with them, answer their questions, and often cook something healthy and tasty! I’ve been broadcasting with them since the first day began and now have over 15,000 followers on their platform.


I’m consider to be what the industry often refers to as a Social Media Influencer and I’ve been featured in a variety of other blogs for my social video and YouTube marketing skills, including Kevin Nalty’s Must-Read Sources for Online Video Marketing & YouTube Tips, UpCity’s Top 25 Blogs to Learn All About Video Marketing, Brainshark’s Top 10 Video Marketing Influencers for 2012, and VancityBuzz’s 10 Biggest YouTube Accounts in Vancouver to Follow in addition to a variety of TV segments, radio shows, and newspaper articles!