The CATCHIEST & WEIRDEST song on the Internet!

What words come to mind when you think of the internet? Two of the biggest may be catchy (as in all the songs you can listen to) and weird (as in, well, pretty much everything else on the internet.) Well, today’s video is an interesting mix of both. Singer-songwriter Pico Taro has released a music video for his song Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, and it’s about as wonderfully […]

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Top 10 BIGGEST Things (from Dallas)!

We all know that everything’s bigger in Texas. But are we just talking bout the big hair and massive football players that hail from Dallas? Or are we talking about some ridiculously gargantuan things? Like the world’s biggest pinata, complete with 8,000 pounds of candy inside. Or the guy that built an eleven foot tall motorcycle that’s totally functonal. (Even if doesn’t seem totally street legal.) Or […]

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First Same Sex Wedding in Italy!

Everyone loves a good happy story. Whether it’s a video of a puppy finding it’s way home or a puppy, well, pretty much doing anything, there’s always those videos that know just how to put a smile on your face. But sometimes a video will do more than just make you smile. Much like in today’s story, a video can also make you happier for humanity. Italy […]

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Top 10 STUPID apps!

We all love using our smartphone apps. Whether you’re playing some games to pass the time or trying to find out what movie your favorite actor was in with Danny DeVito (it was probably Batman Returns), apps are very useful. But as useful as smartphone apps are, there’s more than a few that are pretty stupid. Do you really need an app to warm your hands […]

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