Celebrity Costume FAILS

Celebrities aren’t too terribly different from the rest of us. Outside of the swarms of paparazzi and fans demanding autographs, big names still do many things similar to the rest of us. Which means they’re also prone to the same mistakes as the rest of us. Including costume fails. What kind of costume fails? How about supermodel Stella Maxwell dressing up as a “sexy” baby? […]

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An elephant rescues a man!

We’re very lucky to have animals in our lives. They’re adorable, they’re fun, and you can end up watching adorable videos of them for hours on end. Not that any of us have done that before, right? But for the man in today’s video, animals are more than just companions, they’re saviors. When an elephant saw him in apparent danger in the water, it rushed […]

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Top 10 Couples Costumes for Halloween 2016!

Finding the right Halloween costume is everyone’s favorite October activity. Whether you start out the month braistorming costume ideas or scramble to get your outfit together the night of October 30th, you’ll want to dazzle everyone with your holiday garb. And what better way to double the fun than to include your significant other in on it? So let’s take a look at some of […]

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Man gets his testicles stuck between magnets!

Today’s story is gonna hurt a bit. So please prepare yourself. A man found himself in the hospital after getting his testicles caught between magnets while using “magnetic therapy”. At around five in the morning, the man called emergency services only to have firefighters arrive on the scene. I’m not sure if magnetic testicular issues are within the wheelhouse of firefighting. After getting to the hospital, it […]

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