Christmas Decorating FAILS! (Top 10)

Christmas time is officially here. And you know what that means: it’s time to decorate! Take out all your favorite ornaments, ugly sweaters, and lights that are impossible to untangle, because it’s time to celebrate the holidays. However, decorating doesn’t always go 100% well. Like accidentally creating a phallic Christmas light display. Or just decorating a shovel in front of your house instead of anything […]

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Baby Steals Mom’s Phone! (Caught on camera)

Nobody likes having anything stolen from them. Whether it’s a little bit of money or your favorite bike, there’s nothing worse than having someone with sticky fingers take something from you. Especially when it’s something as important as your phone. However, when the robber is as adorable as the one in today’s video, it might be OK  let them go. The video shows a baby […]

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Unexplained OCEAN PHENOMENA (shot in The Bahamas)!

I’m in the Bahamas at the moment! And as long as I’m surrounded by so much beautiful water, what say we talk about some strange phenomena that we’ve seen regarding the ocean. For example, did you know there are actual waterfalls inside of the ocean? If you watch the video it makes more sense. Trust me. Additionally, there are actual “crop circles” that can be […]

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Boy catches falling baby brother!

Sometimes you just get lucky. Whether you get a round of drinks on the house or take a really good looking Instagram selfie, we all have those days where things are in our favor. However, sometimes luck can do much more than that. And by that I mean save your life. Such was the case in today’s video, in which a 9-month-old baby rolled off […]

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