Top 10 WEIRD Fast Foods!

Everyone knows fast food is bad for them. They’ve seen the documentaries, they’ve read the news, and they’ve read the nutrition facts. And you know what? They still eat it! We’ll never get it here at the Sassy Scoop.

And you know what? Fast food is pretty weird on its own. After all, it’s pretty much all made of that weird pink slime, right? So how […]

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2-Year Old Marching Band Star!

Is there anything more adorable than a kid that knows exactly what they want to do? Like every Halloween when a kid goes as an astronaut of a doctor or a wonderfully entertaining YouTube host. Which all kids want to grow up to be, right?

Well, today’s viral video shows just that: a hilariously adorable young kid that knows exactly what he wants to be when […]

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Top 10 CREATIVE Tattoos!

Tattoos tend to be pretty awesome. After all, they’re pretty much an artistic way to add on to your body in any way you want. Wait, why are we explaining this to you? You know what tattoos are.

Well, while we’ve all seen some tattoos that are, ahem, less-than-stellar, there’s already been a list of those that the Sassy Scoop covered in another amazing video. This […]

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Employee gets SPUN AROUND in a car wash!

Have you ever had a bad day at work? You know, one of those days where just nothing seems to work out and you find yourself exhausted and just not in the mood for anything? OK, to be fair, for a lot of people, that’s just every day. But that’s just because we all wish we could go back to being kids and relaxing, right? […]

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