The most INFECTIOUS LAUGH on the internet!

Is there anything better than somebody with a great laugh? It can make the corniest joke seem like the greatest standup routine in history. Well, one particularly incredible laugh has taken he internet by storm. When Candace Payne was playing around with a Chewbacca mask, she began laughing uncontrollably. She also happened to be streaming live on Facebook at the time, resulting in the most […]

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BIZARRE Women’s Shoes

Women’s shoes can really tie together an outfit. It also seems like the more fancy they are, the harder they are to walk in. However, sometimes the shoes can be a bit…interesting. And by interesting I mean there’s literally a pair of shoes made of elephant dung. Yes, you read that right. Elephant dung. All natural is well and good, but I think that’s taking it […]

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The ULTIMATE Viral Video!

Sometimes a few awesome things combine to make one amazing super-thing. If that’s a word. When peanut butter, chocolate, and candy coating were combined, we got the greatest achievement forged by humans with Reese’s Pieces. When Michelle Williams, Beyonce Knowles, and Kelly Rowland came together, we got the song “Bootylicious”. Clearly, the combination of three great things can turn into something unforgettable. So is the […]

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Top 10 Bizarre ICE CREAM Flavors!

Bizarre flavors are a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand, you can have something deliciously smothered in bacon, hot fudge, and peanut butter that turns out to be a memorable and delicious taste. On the other hand, you can have a flavor that just the thought makes you gag a little bit. Well, we’re going to take a look at a mix of the […]

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