Golf is kind of a weird game when you think about it. I mean, it’s all about hitting a small ball a long distance and getting it into a small hole. Imagine trying to explain that to someone that’s never heard of the game. Well, as it turns out, such a weird game also has some pretty weird facts about it. For example, did you […]

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Giraffe GIVES BIRTH and KICKS VET in the crotch LIVE!

Sometimes a title just tells you everything you need to know. Whether it’s Snakes On A Plane or… well, yeah, I think that’s the ultimate example, sometimes a title is just wonderfully blunt. Well, a perfect example of that is today’s Sassy Scoop video, in which a giraffe had given birth and kicked a vet in the crotch, all while being broadcast live. And the name […]

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Can Fitness Trackers and Connected Devices Make Me Healthier?

I’m a health and fitness oriented guy. More so than most of my friends at least. I’m always trying to pay attention to what I’m eating so I’m choosing the healthiest options and I try to stay active by working out or even just taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Worth noting though is that I used the word try a couple times in […]

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Top 10 United Airlines MEMES!

So..that whole United Airlines thing was… a bit of a downer. Getting on an airline in general is never that pleasant, what with the lack of space and inevitable baby crying right behind you EVERY SINGLE TIME. Anyways, the United Airlines incident definitely was not fun to watch. However, it did give birth to some pretty wonderful memes. And not many awful incidents can say […]

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