Have you heard of Pokemon Go? Of course you have! Because even if you haven’t looked at your phone in the past two weeks, you’ve seen absolutely everybody else doing it. Which means instead of staying inside and looking at their phones, people are actually leaving the house to look at their phones. Pretty revolutionary I must say. Well, as with anything that gets popular, […]

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Grand Theft Auto PRIDE PARADE!

Everybody loves video games. Whether you fondly remember playing Super Mario 64 as a kid or enjoy a session of Candy Crush on the bus, it’s always a fun way to pass the time. But have you ever played a specially modded version that changes up the basic gameplay? It’s a popular way to edit an established game in any way possible. Like putting a Pride […]

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WEIRD Sexy Swimwear

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to go out and buy a new sexy bathing suit. But what do you look for when you’re trying to look good while lying on the beach? Maybe a classic bikini or some long surfer trunks. Or maybe even something inspired by Borat. What? Not sexy enough for you? How about a combination sandal/thong? Still not sexy enough? How […]

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AMAZING Horn & Chair DUET!

What was your very first instrument? Maybe it was that electric guitar you got for Christmas when you were young because you wanted to be the next Slash. Perhaps it was the clarinet you played for the school band. Or maybe it was that one chair you like to sit in. What’s that? You don’t think a chair is a musical instrument? Well tell this guy, […]

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