Video of a man living in a STORAGE LOCKER!

It’s never easy to find an affordable place to live. Generally, you’re going to end up overpaying if you really want to find the right living situation. Well, in today’s video, we see someone who took the situation into his own hands. Or, rather, his own locker. Living in a 100 square foot storage locker, a man was able to keep his rent at an […]

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Giving Tuesday inspired me to give back… on a Wednesday

Giving Tuesday took place at the end of November and if you aren’t familiar with the concept it’s an international movement focused on giving back. One of the great things about being a Team TELUS Advocate is that not only are they an innovative company with awesome products and services, but they’re also a huge proponent of giving back and making a positive difference in […]

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Surprising Speeches at The Golden Globes (Top 10 List)

Meryl Streep definitely caused a bit of a stir with her recent Golden Globes speech. However, she is hardly the first person to have a noteworthy moment in such an awards show. In fact, there have been plenty of unforgettable moments at the celebrity-packed Golden Globes. Although it’s pretty hard to top Renee Zellweger coming in late to accept her award because she was in […]

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SQUIRREL THIEF caught stealing on camera TWICE!

We all know that squirrels are adorable. They’re cute, they’re furry, and they store food for the winter. At least I think they do. However, did you know they have a dark, terrible secret? Behind that fuzzy face is a CRIMINAL MIND! A squirrel was recently caught on video stealing a candy bar from a convenience store. However, this wasn’t some one time crime. This […]

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