Top 10 SPICIEST Foods!

Everyone likes things a little spicy every once in a while. Whether it’s a breakfast burrito, some scrambled eggs, or a slice of pizza, it’s nice to stimulate the taste buds by adding some hot sauce or red pepper. However, some foods just seem to cross the line. Rather than simply adding a little extra flair to the meal, there are dishes that attempt an all […]

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Girl Makes Out with PIZZA on Kisscam!

We all love pizza. Come on, be honest. You’re eating pizza right now, aren’t you? Well, while you may love pizza are you IN love with pizza? Well, yes, of course you are. The point is, sometimes people take this love a little further. At an Atlanta Hawks game, while a couple was making out in front of her on the kiss cam, a young lady […]

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Top 10 Cute Exotic Pets!

We all love our dogs, cats, and hamsters. They’re great companions and give everyone an opportunity to say “awww”. But maybe they’re just too normal for you. Maybe you need something a bit more interesting. And, possibly illegal, based on where you live. Think your hamster is too small? Maybe you need a huge capybara instead. Is your dog not pointy enough? Maybe a cute, […]

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Justin Trudeau: Smartest Prime Minister EVER?!?

Quantam physics seems like a very difficult concept to think about, let alone explain to somebody. It’s not even partcularly easy to spell out. So how can you make something complex such as quantam physics interesting? Well, maybe let this guy talk about it for a while. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau proved he’s got more than just his looks. When a reporter jokingly […]

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