Bizarre Christmas Tree Ornaments (Top 10 List)

Here are 10 bizarre Christmas tree ornaments that you could decorate with for the holidays… if your idea of holiday decorating is pretty twisted! I know regular decorations can get a little bland after a while. So why not spice things up with these twisted items? Hey, it will get all your friends and neighbors talking. Let me know what you think about any of […]

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Man paints with his naked body! (Viral Video Review)

This guy paints with his naked mid section! Now there’s a talent… Brent Ray Fraser from Vancouver was recently a contestant on France’s Got Talent and displayed his unique ability of painting with his penis. He actually created a fairly accurate portrait of one of the show judges that elicited quite the reactions from the crowd and judges! Stay tuned for BLOOPERS at the end […]

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Skier falls 1600 feet – and survives!

A skier took a fast, painful, way down a mountain, tumbling 1,600 feet along the way. Professional skier Ian McIntosh rolled down an Alaskan mountain, which was captured on video. Check out my review where I explain what happened and show a clip of McIntosh as he falls into a trench during one of his first turns, and then has no way to stop!

Somehow, professional […]

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Top 10 things to help get through a breakup!

Breaking up SUCKS!  But this top 10 list of breakup items might help you get through it quicker… or at least have a smile and a laugh along the way! Check out these interesting items that I found available for purchase on the internet and you can decide if any of them are worth getting for yourself or a friend who’s going through a break […]

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