BIZARRE positions and places to take a nap in!

Everybody loves a good nap. When you’ve had a long day and things haven’t gone your way (hey that rhymes!), a nap is the perfect remedy. However, we’ve all taken naps in pretty bad places. In other words, we’ve all fallen asleep on a plane only to jerk awake when our heads tilt down. It happens to the best of us. Well, let’s take a […]

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Matthew McConaughey’s SECRET YouTube Channel!

Some celebrities are definitely more secretive than others. While some celebs Instagram pictures of everything they do, others simply stay out of the limelight. Sometimes, in the case of Matthew McConaughey, staying obscure unintentionally. While the Academy Award winning actor has millions of fans, he apparently didn’t do much advertising for his YouTube channel, which only had 240 subscribers until it was discovered by a Reddit […]

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10 Airbnb DISASTERS!

Airbnb is a truly fascinating idea. Having all the benefits of a hotel without having to use a towel hundreds of people have already used is a pretty wonderful concept. However, like anything that gets big, Airbnb has been prone to the occasional disaster. As in sometimes the occasional Airbnb house will be rented out as a brothel. Or the occasional person will flat out […]

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Man gets BUM IMPLANTS to make it 3 TIMES BIGGER!

Everyone has that one thing in their life that they’re willing to spend a little extra money on. Whether it’s paying a little extra for the fancy type of coffee or throwing down for the high quality tequila, there’s certain things that are worth opening up your wallet for. Like spending tens of thousands of dollars for butt implants. Yes, you read that right. For Joey […]

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