YouTube continues to get bigger and bigger since it’s launch in 2005 and has become a primary tool now for various entertainment personalities, politicians, and just about anyone, to gain popularity among people of different backgrounds.

During its initial days, You Tube received about 100 million views per day, which eventually rose to a whopping 14 billion daily views in the second quarter of 2010. That’s based on data from Virginia-based market research company comScore. In the US, YouTube enjoys 43% of the market shares, and ranks third as the website with most number of hits globally.

Getting famous on You Tube used to be a different game than it is now. In the beginning there wasn’t that much competition for your views.  Well, there was, but only a small fraction of what there is now, especially since YouTube started it’s Partner program in 2007.  It was never really “easy” to get people to see your videos, but there was a better chance that those on YouTube would find it.   Did you know that now only 1% of all videos on the site get over 500,000 views?  That’s very low odds – so despite what you might often see on there when someone suggests you check out the latest viral video, or you check out the latest video from your favorite YouTube celebrity, it’s important to realize that videos with hundreds of thousands of views, or even millions of views, are anomalies and not the norm by any stretch.  (I’m happy to report that I finally have had one video pass 500K views now though – my David After Dentist spoof.  One of my simplest videos!  And “Father Lover” isn’t far behind with 450K… which was a lot more complicated). :-)

The stats say that the majority of YouTube videos (50-70 percent) only get double digit views.  As in less than 100.  A lot of us can relate to those numbers – from expensive professional videos to cheap webcam videos, most of them barely get seen by any significant amount of people.

So what can you do?  Well, you can start with things like the length of your videos, the video categories you choose to put them in, the time and day you upload the videos, what you write in the title/description/tags, and using social networking sites to share them.

Most famous You Tube videos are very short in time length. You almost never want to go over 5 minutes.  We’re living in a world of ADD and after about 90 seconds you’ll lose most people so you should always keep that in mind.  In general – the shorter, the better.

A great time to upload your videos is between 12pm and 1pm of your chosen time zone where you want them to be viewed the most. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays have been shown to be great days to upload and catch the weekend viewers.  This is supposedly because a lot of people watch videos on the weekends, and this can give you the best chance at making it into the “most —- of the day” categories on the site.

Check out my previous blog posts about Tagging your YouTube videos and the YouTube Keyword Suggestion tool for tips on what to do in that regard.

And last but definitely not the least, you should always use social media to promoting your videos. Post links to your videos on Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs and other similar websites.  Make sure people know about them and have a way to interact, discuss, and share.

What do you think? Do you have other tips on how to get YouTube videos seen?  Have you had much success with getting your video view count up?

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