YouTube recently had some of the biggest changes to it’s website since it launched.  Many users were up in arms because, well, let’s face it – most of us don’t like change. I actually like most of the new features and designs myself, and really, I’ve just accepted the fact that websites like YouTube need to progress and move forward if they’re going to continue to survive and be on top of a very competitive marketplace.

From time to time YouTube also has random “experiments” that they bring in (and sometimes in turn phase out not long after) for users to try out – the latest one being YouTube Slam, a place where YouTubers can vote for the videos they like best, in a “this or that” style. Videos are pitted against each other for a short period during which you pick your favorite (with four categories to choose from including cute, music, comedy, and bizarre), earning the videos points in the process. The winning videos get featured on the “leaderboard” which is a fantastic way for up and coming YouTubers to get a lot more exposure.

YouTube Slam seems pretty cool, but because it’s still at an early stage, some of its features have raised questions like:

1. How to take part in YouTube Slam

2. How video entries are chosen

3. What do we do with all those points earned?

It’s too early to tell whether YouTube Slam’s going to become a more prominent service on the site or just a flash in the pan, but I’m all for experimenting with features that help smaller YouTubers get more exposure.

What do you think about YouTube Slam?