I love YouTube. It’s a great way to share videos with people and an amazing resource for anything you could want to watch.  Whether it’s how-to videos, the latest music videos, news segments, comedic sketches, or anything else that strikes your fancy, chances are you can find it quickly and easily on YouTube… and maybe even best of all, for free.

And let’s not forget the obvious reason I’m so deeply in love with my sweet, wonderful YouTube:  It’s the main contributor to my online fame. Two years ago when I opened my YouTube account I thought it was just a temporary way to get myself some exposure and a step toward bigger and better things.  Now I realize what a great tool it is for being able to create my own content and share it with the world in an interactive and engaging way.

And YouTube loves me too. I bring them in viewers when I post the links to my YouTube videos in my blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, and send them out by email.  And when I get media attention on my YouTube videos then they get even more traffic thanks to me.  And more traffic means more money that they can get from advertisers.

So it was only natural that YouTube & I would take the next step in our relationship.  One year ago I became an official YouTube Partner which means that I get a portion of the revenues made by the advertising that appears on or next to my videos on their site.  It’s a win-win because I have more incentive to push people to watch my videos since more people clicking on ads means more money for me (and that also makes me want to continue using their site more for sharing my videos over using other similar sites) and YouTube wins by getting all of the extra traffic I’m sending over.

Now, this isn’t a monogomous relationship.  There are thousands of other YouTube partners out there.  And even you can become one if you meet their requirements.  But YouTube is picky in who they’ll enter into this commitment with, and here’s what they like to see:

  • You never use copyrighted material (ie. music or video footage)
  • You consistently get thousands of views on each of your videos
  • You regularly upload videos and have a high amount of subscribers
  • You don’t provide too much “questionable” content.  YouTube has to like your stuff or it’s a no go.

And don’t think that I’m getting rich off this or anything.  In fact, at this point, I’ve spend a lot more on my videos than I’ve ever made off them.  But the amounts that I’m getting do increase each month and eventually if I get really big on YouTube it could actually start to make me a decent amount of income.

In the end though, a good relationship is never about the money anyway. As a partner YouTube also lets me have some special privileges like additional branding options for the look and layout of my channel, adding extra banners and links, and having the featured video on my channel automatically start playing.  All these things help me to do more of what’s really important to me – get noticed on YouTube and become more famous online!

So to my dear, sweet partner, YouTube: thanks for all you do for me and I look forward to continuing our beautiful and mutually beneficial relationship for a long time to come! 😀