Yes, you read the headline right.  Six figures.

Now, the first thing to keep in mind is that your chances of making six figures are probably about as likely as you becoming a movie star.  It’s a very small percentage of people who are successful enough to be making that kind of dough from posting videos online, but the fact is that there are some and YouTube is no longer just a cool way to get exposure… it can be a cool way to make a living!

Of course, I’m not talking about myself (yet). I make three figures from YouTube. An income maybe if I lived in a third world country, but definitely not in Vancouver. So who is making the big bucks? Well, you basically just need to take a look at the list of most subscribed channels.  A YouTube official said that Lucas Cruikshank(aka Fred) makes a six figure income (as stated in this video) and Michael Buckley (aka WhatTheBuckShow) talked about the “very good money” that he makes in a NewTeeVee interview (although he didn’t come right out and say it was six figures, it’s certainly implied and has been talked about by others that he does).

Perhaps I’m more focused on the bucks right now because I just got my first payout from YouTube, but most people don’t seem to realize that it can be big business. That is, if you can beat out the tens of thousands of other YouTubers who are trying to do it too. :-S

What do you think? Are you surprised to hear how much money the top YouTubers make? Have you heard of some other big financial successes online?


YouTube Comment of the Day:

Viper718xx has made a comment on Mean voicemail messages – have a listen!:

WHy don’t people just not watch if they don’t like him? They’re so stupid. I personally actually don’t like his videos, but I’m not going to be a douchebag, because I know some people do like them, and that everyone has different opinions of what they like.

I’m only watching these videos because I accidently found them, and wanted to hear the phonecalls, but I’m not going to be a jerk about not liking the videos.

He has his own way of doing things, and I say, good job. Do your thing.