My mother made a comment the other day about how I’m getting to an age where I need some stability in my life because I’ve been aspiring actor for years and can’t just keep on doing that for the rest of my life.  And it’s not the first time I’ve heard that kind of thing by any stretch. It seems that in our society we accept that teenagers and young adults can pursue their dreams and put aside regular priorities, but when they become full fledged adults they need to essentially accept defeat and just do those things as hobbies while having a “normal” life with a “regular” job.

And maybe for some people that’s true.  But not for me.  Being “famous” is something that I’ve wanted since I was a little kid, so thinking I can just turn that off at some point is silly.  If you really love apples and are passionate about them and think about them every day, and get a taste every now and then and want more, then at what age would you finally decide to stop looking for apples and just be content with oranges?

There are people who get famous much later on in life then where I’m at now. Greg Benson for example is a man in his 40’s who was a nobody until getting famous on YouTube (now with 230,000 subscribers!).  He just recently made a video on the topic of whether or not he’s too old to be doing this kind of thing.

An even better example on YouTube is the 81 year old man who has over 50,000 subscribers.  He was completely unknown in his 70’s and now he’s an online celebrity.

So, I think it just goes to show that you can really do whatever you want at any age. Never think that you’re “too old” to try something or to pursue your dreams.  Never settle for the norm.  As long as you’re happy and you’re achieving some of your goals then just keep on doing what you’re doing.  Persistence really is the key to success and since I’ve been at this for so long, success really just has to be right around the corner for me… right?  😉

What do you think? Is there an age limit on chasing your dreams?  At what point should something become a hobby instead of a sought after career?