The rise of social media has given birth to a new kind of channel to promote yourself called “social video marketing.” So what is that? Well, ReelSEO brought together some social media experts and publishers have come together to define it.

Social video marketing is essentially a combination of two overarching strategies to successfully promote videos in the social sphere. The first one deals with tapping human interest and getting people to share the video with their friends. The second one focuses on the means of sharing the video- that the social media websites should be functional, optimized and user-friendly.

Others see social video marketing in other perspectives too such as ROI, psychological, and brand. Social video marketing is generally seen as a means of using video to increase the general public’s awareness of a rising brand in the market and to generate income from that on a surface level. Robertson says however that the end goal of social video marketing is still ROIs.

Social video marketing has proven to be successful in my case because it has continuously grown my followers (both on Twitter and Facebook) and helped me build a solid fanbase that retweets and shares my newly uploaded videos with their friends. It has helped me understand my audience more and it has opened doors for me that have lead to many different opportunities.

Social video marketing will continue to reach new heights as the business of doing online videos continually gets stronger. Are you taking advantage of it?

YouTube Comments of the Day – Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World) Parody – Only Gay:

vampirechild100 has made a comment:
Omg! So funny! haha i laughed so hard my throats sore now! i loved it! keep it up it was really good!

ayobratt803 has made a comment:
=O <– Lmao , that’s the face I had at the end of this song ! This so too funny !

BieberCyrusRocks123 has made a comment:
lol why do i keep watching this?!? :)