1Socks are needed pretty much whenever you get ready. Well, unless you find wearing sandals a lot. Then you won’t need socks. Where are we going with this again? Oh, yeah, socks. Well, as wonderful as socks are, there are also some pretty weird options out there. And we decided to count them down in a wonderful video for you to watch. You know, the video that’s right above what you’re reading. Yes, that’s the one.

One of the first of the strange pairs of socks we look at today? The ones that look like actual dog’s feet of course. Listen, we here at the Sassy Scoop love dogs as much as the next person. But this just might be taking it a step too far. Even if they are kinda cute now that we think about it. Actually, is it too late to change our opinion on this?

And who could forget the always-wonderful pair of socks that look like corn. Yep, corn. Are they just intended for people that love vegetables? Are we going to start seeing pairs of socks with potatoes on them? Or pairs of socks with carrots on them? We could list every single vegetable in the world if we wanted too. But you don’t want to read that, do you? Pretty sure you can just look that up.

And who could forget the pair of socks that literally say “left” on one and “not left” on the other? Are these just socks for people that haven’t had their morning coffee yet? Or more for people that just haven’t learned which sock goes where yet? Either way, it doesn’t exactly make the wearer seem too smart. Even if they do provide quite a chuckle.

So go ahead and ditch your old pair of black and white socks. Because we just gave you 10 different options you should choose instead. After all, you want your feet to be memorable, don’t you? That’s right, you do. Especially with the pair of socks that make it look like a shark is eating your foot. Oh, we didn’t mention those. Well, they’re awesome. And you should probably get them. If you want to, that is.

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