UntitledHere at the Sassy Scoop, we end up using stock photos quite a bit. They’re a great, simple way to add a little extra context to whatever you’re talking about. And there are stock photos of EVERYTHING. Seriously, go to a stock photo website and search a few things. We can guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Need a photo of a flower? They’ll have it. Need an image of a wedding dress? They’ll have it. Need a photo of a clown making mashed potatoes? Interesting choice, but we’re still pretty sure they’ll have it.

And that leads us to the topic of today’s video: there’s some pretty weird stock photos out there. It’s most likely because, in their endless effort to make stock photos out of pretty much everything, they need to take a lot of stoc photos. But why would anybody possibly need an image of someobody holding a gun to a goldfish? Could you imagine what that photo shoot must have been like? “OK, Janice, just hold this gun threateningly to this goldfish like it owes you money and smile.” “Wait, what?” “JUST DO IT!” Yeah, that’s probably how that went down.

And that’s just the tip of the weird stock photo iceberg. We’ve also got an image of a young boy…sniffing a cactus? At least that looks like what he’s doing.  But…why?! Has this kid never seen flowers before? Do his parents just refuse to get him any flowers? Are his parents even watching him? Someone send this kid some help!

But nothing beats the very last photo on this list, which is so weird it’s difficult to put into words. What, you want us to try and explain it? Well, let’s put it this way: what happens when you combine a blonde woman, a space suit, and some corn? Like we said, you have to see it to believe it.

So, yeah, let’s just say that there’s some pretty odd pictures out there in the wonderful world of stock photos. And we get the added benefit of getting to see them and have a few laughs. And, yeah, get weirded out. It is in the title of the video after all. Today, let’s count down 10 of the strangest stock photos on the web. Brace yourself for some pretty extreme weirdness.

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