1donutEveryone knows fast food is bad for them. They’ve seen the documentaries, they’ve read the news, and they’ve read the nutrition facts. And you know what? They still eat it! We’ll never get it here at the Sassy Scoop.

And you know what? Fast food is pretty weird on its own. After all, it’s pretty much all made of that weird pink slime, right? So how could we possible make a video about how weird fast food is? Pretty easily, actually. Because there’s kind of a ton of weird menu items in the high-cholesterol world of fast food. And we’re going to count them down in today’s video! You know, the one up above these words. You should watch it by the way.

For instance, you know what sounds delicious? A grilled cheese. But do you know what would make it even more delicious? Throw some mozzarella sticks in there. After all, you don’t want your grilled cheese to be TOO healthy, do you?

Or how about pizza crust? Always gives your pizza slices a little extra texture and holds everything together, right? But do you know the only problem with pizza crust? Not enough hot dogs in it. Well, one fast food restaurant fixed that by, you got it, throwing some hot dogs into the crust. Makes sense, right? Well, as long as you’re trying to double your calories for the day, that is.

And, of course, who could forget Mac and Cheetos? You read that right, Mac and Cheetos. We’ll give you three chances to figure out what those are. And the first two don’t count. Yes, Mac and Cheetos are, as you may have guessed, a mixture between mac n’ cheese and the cheese dust-covered chips known as Cheetos. And who do we have to thank for this abomination? The fast food restaurant Burger King. We’re not saying that Burger King should issue a public apology or anything. But Burger King should totally issue a public apology.

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