12133It seems like comic books are all the rage these days. Well, maybe not so much the actual books themselves because, let’s be honest, who reads those anymore? No, we’re talking about the movies. How often have you stopped by the movie theater only to see brand new Spider-Man movies, brand new Batman movies, and some brand new movie where they all team up that will undoubtedly make a billion dollars and undoubtedly result in many more sequels meaning that the cycle will completely repeat itself? Wow, that was a long sentence. But you know what we’re talking about.

Well, all those movies came from the original comic books. And it just so happens that National Comic Book Day is coming soon! And what would be the perfect way to celebrate it? Maybe by counting down the top greatest comic books of all time or the greatest comic book movies of all time? Nahh. Let’ take a look at the absolute weirdest comic books that have been released. And, yeah, they live up to that title.

How weird are we talking? Well, there just happens to be one comic where a man looks at his hand and his fingers have come to life, trying to attack him. Where to even begin with that? Is this some kind of anti-drug waning? Well, if it is, it’s definitely working.

And we all know who Superman is, right? One of the greatest superheroes of all time and the leader of the Justice League is easily one of the most recognizable heroes of all time. So what does the comic book we showcase him in show him doing? Going to the dentist of course! Yes, as it turns out Superman’s real weakness wasn’t kryptonite all along. No, it was poor brushing habits. Honestly, was there just not much going on crimewise at the time? We’ll go with yes.

And finally the weirdest of the weird comic books we got to review in this particular episode: one of the greatest superheroes of all time unable to save someone for a very interesting reason. It appears that Spider-Man had just gained too much weight to save someone that almost fell to their immediate death. Is it just us, or would it be amazing if this was actually a big part of the next Spider-Man movie?

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