1111111111111Everyone has the occasional unlucky day. Maybe you were dressed to impress only to spill coffee on your favorite outfit. Or maybe you had plans with friends only to find out that nobody can make it. Or maybe you were so busy all day that you didn’t get the chance to watch another wonderful episode of the Sassy Scoop. Let’s be honest, that’s the m0st unlucky of them all.

Well, one of the unluckiest days is also coming up by the name of Friday the 13th. Yes, you may remember it from those horror movies with the guy wearing a hockey mask. Well, there’s actually a lot of interesting information surrounding the actual day Friday the 13th. For example, did you know that Alfred Hitchcock was actually born on Friday the 13th? You know, the guy that directed all those scary movies? Well, he was. And it’s extremely fitting. And creepy.

Additionally, did you know that the economy actually loses a good deal of money on Friday the 13th? As it turns out, people don’t much enjoy flying or doing business on the unluckiest day of the year. Who would have thought that? It’s so strange that people are superstitious enough to believe that a day could actually be more unlucky than others. Well, in this day and age, we suppose it’s not exactly that surprising. After all, this is the time when facts don’t seem to matter as much as they used to.

Well, don’t be too worried, as it also turns out that there’s no concrete evidence that Friday the 13th is an actually unlucky day. Which is great news for anyone that has a fear of the day, which, yes, is an actual thing. And it has a really long name that we won’t even bother typing out here. Trust us, it’s way too long and way too hard to pronounce. Just watch the video – you’ll understand it pretty soon.

But why spoil the entire video when you can just watch it? After all, it’s right there above the words you’re reading right now. Why not take a few minutes and enjoy? After all, Friday the 13th is coming soon after all. It would be a shame if something spooky happened. Sorry – was that too spooky? We didn’t mean to up the spookiness factor too much on you there.

Hey wait, we just realized something. Friday the 13th is in October this year. And we all know that’s pretty much the creepiest month on the calendar. Should we be scared? Well, if you’ve been reading the news, maybe, but that’s a topic for a different day.

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