1tattooTattoos tend to be pretty awesome. After all, they’re pretty much an artistic way to add on to your body in any way you want. Wait, why are we explaining this to you? You know what tattoos are.

Well, while we’ve all seen some tattoos that are, ahem, less-than-stellar, there’s already been a list of those that the Sassy Scoop covered in another amazing video. This one right here. Now you have something to watch next!

No, this list goes beyond the weird tattoos to focus more on the awesomely creative ones! Even if, to be honest, some of them are still a little bit weird. Like, for instance, the tattoo a lady got og a shark around her armpit to make it look like a biting shark every time she opens and closes her arm. Now, that’s just pretty awesome, right? Even if, yes, it’s still a little bit weird. But things can be awesome and weird at the same time! Haven’t you ever seen the Addam’s Family?

And how bout the adorable peanut butter and jelly sandwich tattoos that two people can get together? Whether you’re best buddies, significant others, or just really love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, why wuldn’t you want a tattoo this cute? And also this delicious sounding? We think it might have been a bad idea to write this so close to lunchtime…

Or how about the tattoo that someone got of a skull around their two fingers. Now did they do this just to look cool? Absolutely not. Well, OK, that might have been one of the reasons, but the other main reason: so it wold look like the skull was smoking every time he held a cigarette. Was this done on a dare or just because he thought it would look awesome? Either way, good for him. He had an idea and stuck with it.

Have you seen any awesomely creative tattoos? Make sure to let us know in the comments section! If you think it’s cooler than the shark one, that is.

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