11Cheeseburgers are pretty popular menu item. After all, people tend to like a nice comforting carbo load, especially when melted cheese and bacon are involved. However, we’re not talking about your basic beef patty and cheddar cheese here. Today, we’re going over some of the craziest burgers from across the world. And, just so you know, if you think doing a double cheeseburger is CRAZY, this is not the list for you.

How crazy are we talking? Well, there’s one burger on this list that’s so hot you need to sign a waiver just in order to eat it. Everyone loves a little light spice here and there but that might be a bit too much. After all, this one is apparently so incredibly hot that the law has to get involved. How could you possibly still be hungry knowing that? Unsurprising, only two people have actually completed the burger so far. Makes sense to us. You could go ant try it out, or if you want you could just chug a bottle of hot sauce instead. It might be a cheaper and easier way to burn your mouth.

Or how about the black bean bun burger Burger King released for Halloween a few year ago. While one would think its just a different looking burger. OK, that’s mostly what it is, but it actually had a bit of a weird side effect. You see, some people that are it reported that their pop kinda turned green. We have no idea what kind of science that is. And, frankly, we don’t want to know.

And then there’s the smallest cheeseburger ever, which looks like it’s pretty much the size of aa nickel. There’s a full recipe for it online, meaning some people must like it, right? If you’re going to make this recipe, you may want to make more than one.. Which kid of begs the question: why would you want one of those in the first place? Sure, it looks nice but come on. You’ll need about 60 to fill yourself up.

Would you try any of these crazy creations? Whether they’re small, large, or so spicy you actually need to get the law involved? Make sure you let us know in the comments which crazy burger you prefer and, most importantly, why. Trust us, for some of these you’ll need an explanation.
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