One of the perks of being a Team Telus Advocate is that I get to try out many their products and services. Getting an iPhone 7 for example allowed me to have the best equipment for my cell service (along with the best network to use it on)! I’m able to get a lot of browsing/uploading/downloading done on my laptop thanks to their high speed internet service, and I’m also able to enjoy a ton of awesome programming through their Optik TV service. Something that’s now made that even better is the fact that I can watch some of the newer shows on Netflix in 4K quality!

One of the first shows my boyfriend Heath and I decided to watch with our new 4K TV and upgraded Netflix account was The Crown. With a 55 inch smart TV we had a big screen to enjoy the show with, that has Netflix integrated right in. And that big screen, in 4K quality, really allowed us to see all of the details and emotion with great detail.

The Crown is of course the biography on Queen Elizabeth II – basically a dramatization of what her life was presumably like just prior to, and in the early years of, being the Queen of England. As you might imagine, there’s often more said in the characters’ expressions, and even just in their eyes, than in the words they actually speak. So although this isn’t something like a big action, scifi, or even nature series, there’s still a lot to gain from viewing it in 4K. This series is really a fascinating look at the trials and tribulations of those in the royal family in the mid 20th century so a clear picture of their faces is just what’s needed to fully experience the depth of each character’s struggles.

The Crown - The QueenI found myself especially thinking about, and appreciating, the 4K experience right in the middle of the series. During the 5th episode (there are 10 in total) the Queen had her coronation. As with basically every episode, she was experiencing some inner turmoil, so her extreme close up, in extremely clear quality, right during the actual event helped to really bring us right into what she would have been thinking and feeling.The Crown - King Edward

When her uncle Edward, the former King of England, was watching the coronation from his home in France with his friends, it reminded me how lucky we were to have this huge screen, with crystal clear quality. While Heath and I had the luxury of such a large screen and clear picture for just entertainment purposes, they all had to crowd around something that was a fraction of the size and quality, that would have been very personal to Edward.

I highly recommend checking out The Crown if you haven’t already. It’s a fascinating look at how the woman who’s still Queen today dealt with incredible pressures and decisions that needed to be made, which greatly affected her life, those closest to her, and even the rest of the world. While I used to always think it would be a dream life to be a Queen, this series helps to break down just how difficult and unpleasant it likely is at times, and how the Queen herself may in fact find our “normal” lives quite enviable!

The Crown - now  The Crown - then
What we get to see now vs what they got to see then.

If you want to watch this series in 4K quality then you need a compatible TV and a premium Netflix subscription ($11.99/month in Canada). If you don’t have the latter already then you may be in luck because Telus has given me a Netflix gift card to cover 3 months of that – to give away to one of my Canadian readers!

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