If you didn’t already know, YouTube offers a spot for you to add tags (ie. keywords) to your videos when you upload them.  It’s in addition to the title and description and is basically for general words that would help people find your video when they’re searching for certain topics.  What you add to the tags can really help increase your views if you choose wisely.

One great way to do that is to simply find a popular video that’s similar to yours and/or about the same topic, and just copy the relevant tags from their video.  For one, if their video is popular then they likely are choosing good tags that are helping their video to be found and seen for that subject, but in addition to that, having a bunch of the same tags on your video will help yours to come up as a “related video” on the right side of the page on YouTube when people watch their video, as well as over top of their video when it finishes playing.  It’s essentially advertising your video to people who are already watching and interested in another video on the same topic.

Start doing this with the tags in your new videos, and change the tags in some of the videos that you already have up, and you should see a good jump in the amount of views that your videos get!

Here’s today’s vlog about this blog post:

What do you think? Have you used this method and seen an increase in video views?  Do you have another strategy for what you use as tags on your videos?

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