1Let’s be honest, not many people like rats. Right? There’s a good amount of reasons not to when you think about it: they spread disease, they’re dirty, they bite, and they’ve got those tails that are all gross and worm-like. So they’re basically just a hamster with a worm glued to it. Doesn’t that sound adorable?

In fact, it’s a little strange that so many rodents are popular when you think about it. Think about it: who is the mascot for the ever-money-making Disney? You got it- a mouse. Who is the mascot for Chuck E. Cheese? (You know, that restaurant with the creepy animatronic robots that play in a band.) A rat. There’s plenty more we could go through, but lets go on. Thinking about all these rodents is making us uncomfortable.

Well, unfortunately, rats just happen to be the topic of today’s viral video. We know, we’re sorry. Don’t worry, there’s also a cat in the video as well. That should take the edge off a bit, right?

You see, today’s video shows a young man trying to get a rat out of his bathroom. Which sounds pretty difficult and terrifying if we’re being honest. Well, he thought he’d try something a little different this time around by, y’know, using his cat to get rid of the rat. Sounds like it could be a revolutionary exterminating idea, right? Well…

After bringing the cat in, the rat begins shrieking in a terrible way. This, naturally, result in the person being scared by rat, which results in the cat being scared by the person, and beginning an entire Rube Goldberg project of insanity.

This video ends up being the perfect combination of terrifying, wonderful, and hilarious. And we don’t get to say that very often when we’re looking at viral videos on this show.

There is one thing that we need to think about for this video, though. Think about one of the stars of it: a cat. That should make it instantly go viral, right? Well, there also happens to be a rat in the video, which we established is not the most beloved animal. So does that make them even out? Does it mean that the original video will be beloved by some and despised by others? Or are we totally oerthinking this entire thing at the very end of a blog post? Yeah, it may be the very last one.
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