Cute Dog GETS ANGRY!!!

There’s no doubt that cats have been the kings and queens of the internet for years now. Just think about the early days of YouTube. It seemed like all everyone could talk about was the up-and-coming celebrity cats that ruled the internet of the late 2000s. You know, the days of Myspace. Much simpler times.

Well, while a surfing cat and a cat playing piano might […]

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Reading is a really great pasttime… or least that’s what I’ve heard. 😉 I’m admittedly not a huge reader myself (although I do love listening to audiobooks). There are of course many benefits to reading (or in my case listening to) books: you get to take some time away from multi-tasking on your phone, you get to learn a something new, and you get to look […]

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Nobody likes to get a muscle cramp. After all, we need muscles for a lot of things. Important things! Well, in today’s viral video review, we don’t only see someone with a mild leg cramp. We see an excruciatingly painful look at someone’s post-workout cramp. But it doesn’t even really look like a muscle cramp. It honestly looks like something out of an alien invasion […]

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Top 10 CRAZY Bow Ties!

August 28th is Bow Tie Day! So, don’t worry, you’ve still got time to run out and do some bow tie shopping. In honor of this fantastic holiday, let’s take a look at the craziest bow ties you can showcase this Monday. Like perhaps a spiky bow tie to show off how INSANELY TOUGH you are. Or one made out of dice to show off […]

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