Woman’s SELFIE attempt DESTROYS $200K of ART!

Everyone loves taking selfies. I mean, think about it: You can take some boring old picture OR you could take a picture featuring your own beautiful face. However, that doesn’t exactly mean that the selfie is going to end up perfectly. And, no, we’re not just talking about lighting here. You see, in this week’s video, we see a woman taking a selfie and kind […]

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Top 10 CRAZY Sunburns of the Summer!

Nobody likes to get a sunburn. They hurt, they make your skin peel, and everyone feels the need to comment on them. Well, sometimes a sunburn is more than a simple painful mark – it can be like a work of art. Like the person who fell asleep with a bowl and spoon on their legs…only to have a perfect recreation of the bowl and […]

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Rugby Player proposes at London Pride!

Sometimes a wonderful event is captured on camera that just makes your heart melt and puts a gigantic smile on your face. And, while we’ve covered many wonderful moments on the Sassy Scoop, this one gives the others a serious run for their money. During this year’s London Pride event, a member of the King’s Cross Steelers RFC (the first ever gay rugby club) proposed […]

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Top 10 Weird Facts about ICE CREAM!

In case you didn’t know it, July is National Ice Cream Month. But, as somebody that loves iced cream, you should definitely know that. And yes, we know that you love iced cream. Everybody does. So, in honor of a wonderful month dedicated to a wonderful treat, let’s take a look at the top 10 weird facts about iced cream. For example, did you know […]

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