State Trooper’s incredible PSA goes viral!

There are many reasons a video can go viral. Oftentimes it’s something unbelievable that gets captured at just the right moment. Other times it’s something you’d see every day but with a minor twist to make it memorable. And other times it’s just some really cute kittens. Everyone loves those. Well, today’s viral video offers some amazingly wonderful life-changing advice: use your turn signal when […]

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Top 10 UGLIEST FLOWERS on earth!

Everyone loves to get flowers. Whether it’s Valentines Day, an anniversary, or even someone saying they’re sorry, flowers are a welcome gift for any time of the year. Well, as long as they’re accompanied by some chocolate. After all, we can all get a lot more use from a box of chocolates than a bunch of flowers. Just being honest. Well, while flowers can be […]

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LGBT, interracial, disability, and old age kissing goes VIRAL!

Everyone wants to be on the kiss cam. After all, what’s better than kissing your significant other? Kissing your significant other in front of thousands of people of course! Well, one kiss cam in particular was absolutely perfect, so much so that the recorded video was posted by the Ad Council and went viral. The camera showcased a number of different couples smooching on the […]

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Top 10 Crazy Facts about your HEART!

Your heart is pretty important. If you didn’t know that… you may want to consider re-taking high school health class. Pretty sure they should have gone over that at some point. Because it’s such a vitally important organ, you can imagine that it’s not only complicated, but has some pretty interesting facts around it. For example, did you know that sex, moderate drinking, and even […]

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