Little Dog with Big Toy goes Viral!

Last week, we took a look at a video starring a cat that mumbled and somehow got millions of views. Needless to say, it was pretty underwhelming. However, this week we’re taking a look at how cute pet videos are doe right. The video, which was originally posted on Facebook, shows a small dog picking out the toy it wants from the toy store. And […]

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Top 10 BIZARRE attractions in Orlando!

Orlando, Florida is home to many interesting things, such as beautiful beaches, Disney World, and… lots of orange juice. Probably. Well, it also happens to be home to some of the strangest attractions you’ve seen in awhile. Such as a year-round Christmas-themed bar and a zombie shooting experience. Sounds weird enough, right? Well, you know what might just beat those two in terms of bizarre-ness? The […]

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Mumbling Cat takes over the Internet!?

There’s no doubt that cats videos are huge on the internet. From that one cat that played the keyboards to the other cat that rode around on roombas to the other cat… well, you get the idea. They’re extremely popular on the good old fashioned internet! But usually they have something really interesting they do, like a special trick or something interesting. Well, today’s video […]

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Top 10 Crazy CAFFEINE Creations!

Caffeine really kind of makes the world go round. If it wasn’t for the energy boost offered by caffeine, nobody would get anything done. And that would lead to a terrifying apocalyptic world where the economy has shut down because people stopped working. Well, luckily, that hasn’t happened just yet. Although, I must say, that would make for an awesome movie. Caffeine is still here […]

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