Man ROCKS OUT on PA at the Airport!

Man ROCKS OUT on PA at the Airport!

Man ROCKS OUT on PA at the AirportNobody likes waiting around at the airport. You’re tired, you’re sore, you likely are wearing the same clothes you did at the beginning of your vacation because your hotel didn’t have any washers open. That’s happened to pretty much everyone, right? Well, not much can actually make the wait better. Except for, you know, the airport bar. Especially if its one of those airport bars that has slot machines around. Pretty rare, but still totally awesome.

Wait, where were we going with this?

Ahh yes, the airport.

Needless to say, there’s not much you can do when you’re stuck there at the airport outside of look at your phone for a while. Which, let’s be honest, we would all be doing on the plane anyway.

Well, luckily, once in a while you’ll find some way to entertain yourself in the meantime. Outside of the aforementioned airport bar, that is. Well, if you were at an airport in New Orleans in the past few weeks, you were treated to a pretty incredible moment that turned into a pretty incredible viral video. Which is pretty incredible, we must say. That’s just the word of the day, people.

You see, when a man got bored at the airport when his plane was delayed, he decided to do the natural thing: grab the PA from airport employees and begin rocking out! Seems like a pretty natural thing to do, to be honest.

Could you imagine being in the audience for this? How much fun would that have been? After all, not only does it put an immediate smile on your face, you’ve immediately forgotten about all the anger you’re feeling that you’re still hundreds and hundreds of miles away from your comfy bed. OK, it will at least make you forget for a little bit. No promises here.

The only question now is where has this mystery man gone? Why did he leave us with an awesome karaoke experience just to leave us wanting? Is this just some intricate teaser for his new album and world tour? Yeah, probably. Now, who else wants to get some tickets?

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