When Terrence Kelleman left his photography job at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York  to start his own jewelry company, little did he know that his success would come from the famous online entertainment threshold that is YouTube.  His company, Dynomighty, earned over $130,000 worth of products in a span of three months, thanks to YouTube.

In an interview with ReelSEO, Kelleman states that 45% of all the referrals to his site come from his YouTube channel, proving the power of videos in converting viewers into buyers. The fact that his video was placed on YouTube’s feature page for 10 d helped a lot— the sales were so crazy that it came to a point where he couldn’t keep up with the orders.

His product video became an instant hit because it entertained viewers and stirred a bit of a controversy. Users on Digg were debating about the authenticity of his video for a bracelet, as many thought that CGI effects were used (the video shows that the bracelet could be pulled apart, and then linked together again). Kelleman saw this as an opportunity to step-in and interact with his audience. He defended his one-of-a-kind video, and the more he participated in threads and discussions, the more views he got on YouTube, resulting to an increase in orders and further raising the status of his brand.

Aside from the way he managed his campaign, Kelleman suggested the use of YouTube promotional ads to increase channel discovery and views. He points out the importance of regularly keeping subscribers hooked with engaging and unique content, and that videos shouldn’t be hastily uploaded to the website.

All in all, uploading a clever promotional videos on YouTube didn’t take much of his time, but the results made his company almost an overnight success. Kelleman took advantage of the fact that everyone loves to watch something new, and that his jewelry isn’t like anything in the market right now nor anything that he’s seen in video.

It’s really amazing how much success a company can gain from a YouTube video that was under two minutes long. It’s certainly not typical, but it does show that there’s a whole new world of marketing opportunities with YouTube, and one of the most amazing parts about the whole thing – is that it’s free.  A few years ago a small company would be stuck with very few inexpensive marketing options, and those options certainly didn’t have the viral ability that YouTube brings.

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