LGBT song parodiesPrior to 2014 I was mainly known for my song parodies on YouTube.  They were usually LGBT themed, often pretty outrageous, and always a lot of fun.  I stopped making them when I began doing The Sassy Scoop, but I’ve missed how creative I could get with them and how much fun they were to shoot. Unfortunately they took more time and money than I could afford to keep putting in so there just didn’t seem to be a way to keep that going.

That is until now!

Check out my Patreon campaign to see how I’m planning/hoping to bring them back.  Patreon is a crowdfunding website that is unlike the typical GoFundMe or Kickstarter ones because your donation goes toward an ongoing project.  In this case each time I make a new song parody your donated amount would go through – but it starts as low as just one buck per video!

Also, a bit bonus to these are the rewards.  Some of the things you can get for donating include getting a hand written postcard each month, a personalized video sent to you each month, and even access to a live hangout with myself and my boyfriend!  See them all at and help me bring you more funny content while getting some cool rewards! 😀