treo650I remember when I got my first iPhone. It was a 3GS and I declared it to the be the best thing I had ever bought. It was replacing my Treo 650, which was already a pretty advanced cell phone compared to what my friends had (that’s me with it on the cover of the Calgary Herald), but the iPhone was a complete game changer, as we now all know. It affected my personal life and my business life, making it easier (and more fun) to deal with both, all from the palm of my hand.

My next phone was the 4S, followed by the 5, and then a jump to the 6S.ย  Now that I’m a Team Telus Advocate I upgraded to the 7 Plus so I have the latest version AND I get to try out having a larger screen. I also went with the Jet Black colour since it’s a new one that wasn’t available on previous versions.

telus-storeTo get ready for the new iPhone I went to the Telus Learning Centre (of which there are over 250 across Canada) to go over some of the new features of the phone, and even some tips and tricks that were available on my 6S, but I just wasn’t aware of. I sat down with a Learning Expert named Chantal who definitely knew a lot about iPhones and how to get the most out of them.

The first thing she showed me was how the button on the new iPhone wasn’t actually a moving button at all, but rather just a pressure-sensitive one. It doesn’t move, but can detect when you’re giving it some force – a lot like how the screen now also can detect how hard you’re pushing on it, and treat how you touch it in different ways. You can feel the button vibrate when you push on it though so you do get the confirmation of having pushed it.

iphone-7-cameraNext she told me about the upgrade in the cameras. I would now be able to shoot even better photos and videos thanks to a 12mp camera on the back and 7mp camera on the front. And because I’d have the Plus, there would be a second camera on the back for telephoto/wide-angle shooting, zoom up to 10x digitally, and added depth of field. Plus the crystal sapphire lenses allow in more light for better quality images in darker areas or later in the day. Not to mention 4 LED elements in the flash to get more a true tone in the dark too. Sweet!

I also found out that I could just tap the screen to instantly zoom in the shot 2X, which is the optical zoom. Also, if I tap and hold I can lock focus, which is really great since sometimes while shooting video otherwise I’d have the camera just switch it’s focus to something else more predominant in the shot when I wanted to to stay fixed on something else.

Another improvement for the new iPhone would be water resistance. Since I do a lot of travel videos, and live in rainy Vancouver, this will give me more piece of mind with the variety of outdoor photos and videos that I do with it. Fun fact – it rained 28 out of the 31 days in October here this year. Yikes! The extended life of the battery is another great feature for me because while I’m shooting all these videos for my YouTube channel I’m also constantly taking photos and video clips for other social media, writing and replying to comments and emails, and a variety of other things that always make my phone die well before I’m ready for it to. (See my contest below if you want another way to extend how long you can use your Smartphone for!)

iphone-7-screenSomething really cool that Chantal told me about during our session was how the iPhone makes 100 billion calculations when you take a photo. Among other things, this allows you to access a really cool feature in the Photos app to find old photos. You simply type in (or ask Siri) what you’d like to find (ie. “show me photos of cats”) and it shows you all the ones it can find on your device that fit that category. Amazing!

But what I was probably most excited about, being a YouTuber who shoots a ton of his videos on his phone, was the fact that the front facing camera would now shoot 1080p. This is a big deal because on the 6S I was only able to shoot that kind of quality on the back camera, whereas the front was 720p. That meant that when I’d go to edit my footage I’d have two different quality levels to deal with. Now regardless of when I shoot on the back or front cameras, they’ll both be full 1080p HD. :-)

I also learned that I can hide certain photos from my camera roll now so they aren’t accidentally seen when I give my phone to someone to scroll through my photos, that in the Night Shift mode I can set my phone to automatically turn down the blue light at sunset and back up at sunrise, and that I can send texts with effects so I can do more (and have more fun with) iMessaging!

jet-black-iphone-7-plusNow that I’ve received my 7 Plus I have to say that I of course LOVE it! The extra size is actually quite nice, especially for seeing details in videos that I’m watching, and the only drawback I find is that it sticks out of the back pocket of my jeans. I really like the shiny jet black colour that completely surrounds the phone, blending right into the screen really so there’s no visible separation, but I’d prefer it to still have a hole at the bottom for my favourite headphones so I don’t have to bring an adapter with me to use them. As for what’s probably the most important part for a YouTuber like myself, I’ll be testing out the improvements with shooting video shortly when I attend WE Day (an annual “youth empowerment” event) and I’ll have the results of that in my next Sassy Sunday video!

Thank you to Chantal for her expert advice – just one of many reasons why Telus is the best carrier in Canada for the iPhone! They also offer flexible AppleCare+ payment options as well as in-store diagnostics and replacements by certified Apple Masters. As I mentioned, one of the great features of this new phone is the longer-lasting battery, and in case you aren’t ready to upgrade to it just yet, I’ve got a sweet giveaway to make your current smartphone’s battery last 3 times as long! Telus has offered to send one of my readers a Mophie Powerstation Portable Charger (2x 4000mAh) from their store and all you have to do to enter yourself is comment on this post! They’ll ship it to anyone in Canada so as long as you’re Canadian you’re qualified to win – one entry per person and a random draw from all entries received will take place during my live broadcast on Monday, November 7th at 5:30pm PST. So go write a comment down below and good luck!

***UPDATE: The winner was randomly chosen during a live stream broadcast โ€“ congratulations to Jonnie!
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