Advertising a product through videos on YouTube is one of the most effective forms of marketing to reach potential customers, to share knowledge, and connect with users. Here are some ways to use YouTube as an effective marketing tool:

1. Create a YouTube channel. Having a YouTube channel exclusively dedicated to your videos can help your business to gain exposure. The channel is also an innovative means for the company to keep followers updated with new products and offers.

2. Tag videos with relevant keywords.
It is necessary and almost mandatory to label the videos that are uploaded to the channel of the company with relevant keywords. Incurring a huge expenditure on creating videos would pay little dividends if they do not appear in the search results on YouTube, so it is important to choose the keywords specific to the business, products and services offered by the company.
3. Use an attractive thumbnail. Put a preview image that sells. The more suggestive and attractive preview image that a video has, the greater the number of viewings there will be.
4. Organize Contests and Video Promotions. Conducting promotional campaigns and video contests is a great way to earn business. You can encourage participation by your Facebook fans and Twitter followers in these competitions and reward them by offering discounts and gifts to increase user loyalty to the brand.
5. Create Playlists. Lists are a great way to organize collections of videos. You can create separate lists for each product and highlight the related offers. The lists are useful and convenient for users as they can watch all the videos with one click instead of having to find and play each video individually.
6. Write Comments. Another way to promote the videos and channels is by visiting other users with a similar content. You can leave a comment that is interesting and effective with a link to the video of your company to attract traffic to the channel.
7. Connect with the Customer.YouTube can serve as a tool to answer user queries about the services offered by the company. You can alsocreate videos to help customers use the products in an easy and simple way.

How to get more hits on YouTube:
Always remember that YouTube can work as an effective marketing tool only if you get customers to view your videos. If you get a sufficient number of views, votes and comments, in no time you can be ranked as the most viewed video of the day or week, which will increase the visibility of your video progressively.If the above tips are not successful in getting YouTube views for your company’s videos, do not worry because there is another way. There are online services that sell views for your YouTube videos so that they appear before others in the rankings of search results services. You can purchase YouTube views through packages which may also include comments on video, the inclusion of video as a favorite, the “I Like” (rating) and subscription to your channel. The more you pay, the faster you will get the views you need. Once you get enough views and the video is good, it continues to run on its own.

In the recent years, Facebook and Twitter have gained popularity as the major social networks for marketing a business, but YouTube continues to safeguard its position as a valuable tool that can have a positive influence on the marketing strategy of businesses of all sizes.


Gayani Silva is a Junior Outreach Specialist at Frozzo Social Media Marketing Company where you can buy YouTube views and promote your business. Gayani blogs and writes about Social Media. She is aware of all ins and outs of Social Media Marketing.