One of the most important things I’ve learned in my YouTube career was that putting good content on YouTube isn’t enough.

YouTubers need a social media strategy to get their content seen and shared. If your videos aren’t going out through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc – then you’re not going to see very good results in the numbers of views your videos get. You really have to work on tweeting, sharing and keeping your audience posted and replying to their messages, otherwise, your videos won’t pick up any steam and will likely fizzle out after not many views.

I found a great article by Greg Jarboe on the power of social media in bringing in more audiences for your YouTube channel which gives a bit of analysis and statistics on recent social media trends, including:

1. Tell a great story.

Social media specialist Guy Kawasaki says that you have to “tell a story that’s worth retelling” in the form of inspiration (stories of breaking the odds), entertainment (viral videos, music vids, etc.), enlightenment (e.g. docmentaries), and education (how-tos).

2. Take advantage of YouTube’s Autoshare feature.

It’s easy to activate YouTube’s autoshare features. For people who don’t necessarily go on YouTube for self-promotion and use it simply for entertainment (watching viral videos, news, etc.) and would like their friends to know about the videos on YouTube they watched or liked, then they can also enable the Autoshare for sharing YouTube activities.

3. Put in extra effort.

Connect with people (e.g. influential bloggers/editors, community managers, traditional  media editors, PR specialists) in the loop by emailing them about your videos which may be related to some of their work/content. These people might find interest in your work and feature you, or could refer you to other people who may be interested to collaborate with you.

Social media’s power in video marketing/promotion may seem obvious, but it’s a part of the YouTube equation that so many content creators slack off on. If you want to reach more people with your YouTube videos, make sure you’re getting them out to all of social media contacts, on various platforms, and often.