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I’ve been on this kick lately about the importance of taking your efforts offline to help increase your success online.  It’s about creating relationships with people, and doing that in person is a lot more powerful than over the internet.

Remember the old adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” – well, it’s true here too.  You can be learning all the right things and doing all the right things, but the most helpful thing in getting you noticed will likely come in the form of a door being opened by someone you know.

I’ve found this with so many things in life – I’ve had auditions where the person casting or the director already knew me and I was sure it automatically put me ahead of most of the other new faces.  I had a rapport with them that made the whole situation feel more comfortable on both ends and surely made me more memorable than someone they didn’t know. And when I’ve done casting for my own projects, I’ve certainly leaned toward taking on people I’ve known or met before than complete strangers.

So now with the internet biz I’ve started to hang out with some well known personalities to try to get to know more people who do the kinds of things that I’m doing and are having big successes with it.  I’ve gotten to know Shane Gibson quite well who’s written a soon-to-be best seller on Social Media, travels all over the world talking about Social Media and business, and has over 11,000 followers on Twitter (photo of him below blowing you a kiss); and lately I’ve started getting to know John Chow, who’s famous for making a ton of money from his blog and has over 50,000 followers (that’s him in the photo above with his new book that he gave me an advance copy of for free). :-)

Shane Gibson
Photo by Jeremy Lim

By getting to know these two and going to the types of functions and events that they go to, I’m getting to also get to know other prominent people in the industry and in turn get myself known by all of them. Next week I’m going to have coffee with Shane to get some tips on how I can start doing public speaking on ways businesses can more views on YouTube and get more out of online video & social media, and this past weekend John put up a YouTube video embedded in his blog that has me talking about my blog in it and he included a link to my blog in his blog post.  So not only am I getting to know two people who really are like mentors to me because I read/watch/listen to so much of what they put online, but now I’m also getting one on one advice and even promotion from them!

Here’s today’s vlog about this blog post:

Remember, you can’t just throw a video up on YouTube and expect it to get thousands of views on its own.  You need to work at getting it scene and if you go out into the real world and network with other movers and shakers then you’ll be in good company to learn and benefit from them!

What do you think? Have you had a situation where it helped you to know someone?  Or when it’s actually hurt you?  Let me know below…

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